Hana Sushi Menu and Prices updated 2021


Hana Sushi Menu 

Hana-zushi: hana-zushi is some form of futomaki rooted in Chiba Prefecture. Hana-zushi means “floral sushi.” The stuffing of these sushi rolls is organised so as to show floral patterns at the end of each roll, and these beautiful motifs make hana zuhi a favourite delicacy in festivals and events in the community.
Sushi is often mistaken for sashimi, an inherent dish made from thinly sliced raw flesh or occasionally from Japanese cuisine. 1 Inhalte. 2. History . History History New Orleans’s greatest Japanese food and sushi. Good substantial lunch platters, reasonably priced and fresh. Open during the pandemic and worth a visit.

Hana Sushi Menu and Prices:


(2 pcs)
Maguro $3.95
Sake $3.50
fresh salmon
Hamachi $4.25
Hirame – Tai $3.50
halibut. red snapper
Smoked Sake $3.95
smoked salmon
Ebi $3.50
Ama Ebi $4.25
sweet shrimp
Ika $3.50
Ikura $4.50
salmon roe
Masago $3.75
smelt roe
Tobiko $4.25
flying fish roe
Saba $3.50
Tako $3.95
Tamago $2.95
Kani $2.95
Unagi $4.25
fresh water eel
Hokkigai $3.50
surf clam
Migurai $4.00
giant clam
Uni $6.00
sea urchin
Hotategai $4.50
scallop in season
Kasunoko $3.95
herring roe
Shiro Maguro $3.95
white tuna
Toro $5.95
fatty tuna
Inari $3.00
tofu pocket
Quail’s Eggs Available Per Request $1.00

Maki Sushi

6 pcs
California $3.95
crab, avocado, smelt roe, cuc
Kappa $2.95
Avocado $2.95
Futo $4.50
avocado, cucumber, pickle, egg
Shrimp Tempura $4.95
shrimp tem, smelt roe, cuc
Cucumber / Avocado Roll $3.50
Spicy Yellowtail $5.00
yellowtail, scallions, mayo
Negi Hamachi $4.50
scallion, yellowtail
Tekkai $3.50
tuna roll
Sake $3.50
salmon roll
Unagi $4.95
fresh water eel
Philly $4.25
smoked salmon, crm cheese, avocado
Spicy Tuna $3.95
tuna, cucumber
Shiro Maguro $3.50
white tuna roll
Alaskan $3.95
salmon, avocado, smelt roe
Spider $6.95
softshell crab, cucumber, smelt roe
Phoenix $3.95
crab, avocado, mayo
Ahi $5.95
tuna, avocado, smelt roll-deep-fried
Salmon Skin $3.95
grilled salmon skin, cue
Tofu $3.50
seasoning tofu w/ sesame seeds/cuc

Special Roll

Hana’s Maki $7.95
Christmas $9.95
Bamboo $7.95
eel, cuc, avocado: avocado on roll
Dancing Eel $8.95
eel, avocado on a roll
Orange Blues $8.95
Rainbow $8.95
cali roll, 5 diff. fish on roll
Dynamite $10.95
sc, crb, mayo on top
Vegetarian Roll $6.95
Dragon Roll $13.95
Alan’s Maki $9.95

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Food was amazing servings and very fresh. I called again to my order to add a katsu chicken and a roll and they kept our orders in mind though.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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