Haluwa Restaurant & Lounge Menu and Prices updated 2021


Haluwa Restaurant & Lounge Menu

Haluwa Restaurant & Lounge Menu and Prices

Famous Flaming

Pupu Platter $18.00
additional serving: $9.00 per person
Combination Appetizer $10.50
egg roll, pork strips, and spareribs


Spring Rolls $4.25
Crispy Egg Rolls $4.50
Fried Wontons (Kreplach) $4.25
Chicken Wings $5.95
Chicken Fingers $7.00
Barbecued Spareribs $7.00
Boneless Spareribs $7.00
Chinese Roast Pork Strips Or Ends $7.25
Crab Rangoon $7.00
Teriyaki Beef Or Chicken $7.50
Fried Jumbo Shrimps $7.50
Scallion Pancake $4.75
Ravioli $6.25
(6 pan fried dumplings)

Haluwa Tidbits

Egg Roll, Pork Strips, Spareribs And Chicken Wings $11.00
Egg Roll Pork Strips, Spareribs And Teriyaki Beef $11.55
Pork Strips, Chicken Wings, Teriyaki Beef And Fried Shrimp $11.95
Spare Ribs, Pork Strips, Chicken Fingers, And Teriyaki Beef $12.25
Spring Roll, Chicken Fingers, Spareribs, And Crab Rangoon $12.25


Hot And Sour Soup $3.75
Egg Drop Soup With Mushrooms $2.75
Chicken Soup $2.50
Chicken Rice Soup With Rice Or Noodles $2.75
Chicken Wonton Soup $3.85
Yakta Mein Soup $3.50
Wonton Soup $3.75
Chinese Vegetables Soup $3.55
Chinese Vegetable Soup W/ Chicken $3.85

Fried Rice

White Rice $1.50
Roast Pork $5.50
Chicken $6.95
Subgum Chicken $7.25
Beef $7.25
Shrimp $8.25
Subgum Shrimp $8.45
Lobster $12.75
Subgum $6.25
Haluwa $8.95
(shrimp, roast pork, chicken, and pea pod)

Chop Suey

Meatless $4.75
Pork $5.25
Pepper (Pork) $6.45
Pineapple (Pork) $6.45
Mushroom (Pork) $6.95
Vegetable $6.65
Chicken $6.65
Chicken With Mushroom $7.25
Subgum Or Chicago Chicken $6.95
Beef $6.95
Shrimp $8.25
Subgum Or Chicago Shrimp $8.95
Lobster $13.00
Subgum $6.45
Chicago (Pork) $6.45
(dark sauce)

Chow Mein

Pork $5.75
Subgum (Pork) $6.45
Chicken $6.75
Subgum Or Chicago Chicken $7.25
Beef $6.95
Subgum Or Chicago Beef $7.45
Shrimp $8.45
Subgum Shrimp $8.95
Lobster $12.95
Vegetable $6.45
Mushroom (Pork) $7.25
Chicago (Pork) (Dark Sauce) $6.95
Cantonese Style $7.75
Haluwa $8.95


Pork $8.25
Chicken $8.25
Beef $8.45
Shrimp $9.25
Haluwa $9.75

Chow Yoke

Spareribs, Black Bean Or Oyster Sauce $8.75
Beef With Mix Vegetables $8.25
Beef With Pineapple $8.95
Beef With Pea Pods $9.45
Beef With Pepper $8.75
Beef With Pepper & Tomato $8.75
Beef With Mushroom $9.45
Beef With Black Mushroom $12.25
Beef With Black Bean Or Oyster Sauce $10.00
Beef With Bean Sprouts Or Wonton In Oyster Sauce $11.00
Beef Or Chicken W/ Broccoli $9.45
Pork With Pineapple $8.95
Pork With Mushroom $8.75


Lobster, Chinese Style $18.00
Lobster Meat W/ Beef Sauce $19.95
Lobster W/out Shell $19.95
Lobster Meat And Pea Pods $19.25
Lobster Meat And Mushrooms $19.25
Subgum Lobster Ding, Almonds $15.95
Lobster Sauce $6.45
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce $10.25
Butterfly Shrimp W/ Vegetable $10.45
Shrimp W/White Mushroom $13.50
Shrimp And Beef W/ Oyster Sauce $13.95
Shrimp With Black Bean Or Oyster Sauce $12.75
Shrimp With Pea Pods $13.95
Shrimp With Tomato Sauce $12.25
Subgum Shrimp Kew $12.25


Fried Chicken $7.00
Fried Boneless Chicken $7.50
Subgum Boneless Chicken $8.50
Pineapple Fried Chicken $7.50
Mushroom Fried Chicken $8.25
Chicken Wings, Black Bean Sauce Or Oyster Sauce $7.95


Mixed Vegetables $7.75
Tangy Spicy Green Beans $7.75
Broccoli Oyster Sauce $7.75
Broccoli Garlic Sauce $7.75
Sauteed Pea Pods $6.75
Family Style Bean Curd $8.25
deep fried bean curd stir-fried with vegetables

Egg Foo Yong

Roast Pork $5.85
Roast Pork And Mushroom $6.95
Ham $6.95
Chicken $6.95
Shrimp $8.75
Lobster $13.95
Subgum $6.75
Cantonese $7.45

Sweet And Sour

Pork $7.25
Chicken $7.45
Shrimps $10.25
Lobster $18.95
Wontons $5.95

Chinese Cuisine

Haluwa Special $9.75
chicken, shrimp, beef, water chestnuts, fried wonton, chinese vegetables and pineapples
Sizzling Seafood Wor Bar $11.50
lobster, shrimp, imported mushrooms, and vegetables seasoned with curry
Seafood Splendor $13.45
fresh lobster meat and jumbo shrimps sauteed with black bean sauce in a platter of crispy pan-fried noodles
Marco Polo Delight $12.75
beef and shrimp cooked with lobster sauce on a bed of soft noodles
Beef & Shrimp With Fried Wonton $12.45
sliced tender beef and shrimp enhanced with tasty chinese black bean sauce and wonton
Hon Sue Lobster $17.25
cubed lobster meat deep fried and sauteed with mushrooms and chinese vegetables
Lobster Kew $17.75
lobster meat sauteed with mushrooms, water chestnuts, pea pods and chinese vegetables
Shrimp Lobster Kew $17.95
chunks of lobster meat and shrimps sauteed with chinese vegetables and choice of curry, black bean sauce, or oyster sauce
Lobster Gai Kew $16.25
chunks of lobster meat, chicken, mushrooms and chinese vegetables
Beef Tow-Goo $10.45
sliced beef sauteed with tow-goo (small, tender juicy mushrooms), pea pods and water chestnuts.
Steak Kew $15.25
chunks of tenderloin beef sauteed with mushrooms, water chestnuts, pea pods and chinese vegetables
Sizzling Steak Fugi $14.75
broiled sirloin steak smothered with water chestnuts, pea pods and oyster sauce
Bacon Har $11.95
fried shrimp pressed with bacon in a tasty tomato sauce on a bed of bean sprouts
Four Happiness $10.45
beef, shrimps, chicken and roast pork cooked with chinese vegetables, water chestnuts and pineapple
Char Sue Din $8.75
diced chinese roast pork with chinese greens and mushrooms
Hon Sue Yoke $8.75
deep fried pork tenderloin in egg batter sauteed with water chestnuts, mushrooms and selected chinese greens
Gai Poo Lo Mein $17.95
chicken, lobster, shrimp, beef and vegetables on a bed of noodles
Curry Chicken $8.75
chunks of chicken, sauteed with onion and green pepper in curry sauce
Gai Kew $8.75
chunks of tender chicken meat, sauteed with flavorful chinese vegetables and mushrooms
Hon Su Gai $8.75
spears of milk-fed chicken deep fried and sauteed with mushrooms and chinese vegetables
Hon Yin Gai Din $8.75
diced chicken sauteed with mushroom, pea pods, water chestnuts, and toasted almonds
Ho Yue Gai Poo $10.45
chunks of chicken deep fried with virginia ham, water chestnuts, mushrooms and almonds with oyster sauce.
Moo Goo Gai Pan $8.75
breast of chicken sauteed with mushroom and flavorful chinese greens
Chicken Tow-Goo Or White Mushrooms $10.25
sliced chicken meat with tow-goo (small tender, juicy mushrooms), pea pods and water chestnuts
Pineapple Gai Pan $8.75
slivers of tender chicken sauteed with chunks of pineapple and flavorful chinese vegetables
Sizzling Haluwa Chicken $10.25
chunks of white chicken meat, water chestnuts, and pea pods in an exotic sauce

Szechuan Specialties

Hot & Sour Soup $3.75
Peking Ravioli $6.45
(6 pan-fried meat dumplings)
Moo-Shi Pork $7.75
Moo-Shi Chicken $8.45
Moo-Shi Beef $8.50
Moo-Shi Shrimp $9.45
Pork With Garlic Sauce $8.45
Chicken With Garlic Sauce $8.75
Beef With Garlic $9.75
Kung-Pao Chicken $9.25
diced chicken, diced celery, diced peppers with crispy peanuts in a spicy sauce
Kung-Pao Beef $9.75
Kung-Pao Shrimp $10.50
General Gau’s Chicken $10.75
chunks of chicken with a crispy coating of water chestnuts flour, topped with a spicy sweet ginger sauce
Lemon Flavored Chicken $9.75
tender chicken breasts deep fried in batter and sauteed with pea pods, bamboo shoots and sliced carrot. served in our special lemon flavored sauce
Orange Flavored Chicken $9.75
lightly battered chicken stir-fried in a delicious orange sauce
Cashew Chicken $9.25
diced chicken sauteed with diced celery and assorted chinese vegetables
Strange Flavored Chicken $9.75
tender chicken breast stir-fried with pea pods, baby corn bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and red pepper strips in our own special szechuan spicy sauce
Sesame Chicken $10.25
Sesame Beef $10.95
lightly battered chicken or beef stir-fried in a delicious sesame sauce
Orange Flavored Crispy Beef $11.45
an exquisite hunan dish made with thick slices of beef, sauteed in an orange flavored hot and spicy sweet sauce
Shredded Beef $10.25
small slices of beef cooked with fresh broccoli and green peppers
Scallion Beef $10.00
sauteed beef, stir-fried with fresh cut scallions in a light, tangy sauce
Lake Tung Ting Shrimp $11.95
large shrimp with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chinese cabbage, baby corn, broccoli, and egg whites in a white sauce
Khan Shao Spicy Shrimp $11.95
large shrimp marinated in egg whites and chinese wine, stir-fried with onion, ginger, tomato sauce, and topped with hot pepper oil
Hot & Spicy Bean Cake $8.25
fresh tofu cooked with fresh peas in a spicy meat sauce
Cashew Shrimp $10.75
Peking Meat Sauce Noodle $7.75
spicy meat sauce over noodle

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