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Halal Bros Menu

Egyptian-born Mohamed Abouelenein started The Halal Guys in 1990 with compatriots Ahmed Elsaka and Abdelbaset Elsayed. At the junction, it is not clear which cart was there first. “Our Story” is the storey of our company. It all began in 1990, when our three Egyptian founders founded The Halal Guys. A hot dog cart in New York City was their initial venture. Then they shifted their focus to selling halal cuisine to Muslim cab drivers in New York City, who had few options for real halal food at that time, according to the authors.

As a food truck in New York in 1990, Halal Guys launched a restaurant in Austin this summer. As hotdog sellers, the three original proprietors became notable for being the first to manufacture halal cuisine in large quantities on a food truck. More veggies with vitamins and lean protein meat are found in an American Halal Food diet, compared to the usual Western diet.

Halal Bros Menu Prices:-



Beef Shawarma Wrap $10.99
Lamb Shawarma Wrap $10.99
Chicken Shawarma Wrap $10.49
Beef Kebab Wrap $10.99
Lamb Kebab Wrap $10.99
Chicken Kebab Wrap $10.49
Kofta Kebab Wrap $10.49
Gyro Wrap $9.99
Chicken Wrap $9.99
Gyro and Falafel Wrap $9.99
Chicken and Falafel Wrap $9.99
Falafel Wrap $8.99

Wraps Over Rice

Beef Shawerma over Rice $11.99
Lamb Shawerma over Rice $11.99
Chicken Shawerma over Rice $11.49
Beef Kebab over Rice $11.99
Lamb Kebab over Rice $11.99
Chicken Kebab over Rice $11.49
Kofta Kebab over Rice $11.49
Combination Plate $10.99
Chicken over Rice $10.99
Gyro over Rice $10.99
Falafel over Rice $9.99

Over Salad

Beef Shawarma over Salad $11.99
Lamb Shawarma over Salad $11.99
Chicken Shawarma over Salad $11.49
Lamb Kebab over Salad $11.99
Chicken Kebab over Salad $11.49
Kofta Kebab over Salad $11.49
Combination Plate $10.99
Chicken over Salad $10.99
Gyro over Salad $10.99
Falafel over Salad $9.99


Falafel 4 Pcs- $3.00
Hummus $3.49
Basmati Seasoned Rice $2.99
Loaded French Fries $3.99
Plain Fries $3.99
Dolma $2.99
Kettle Cooked Chips $1.00
Tabouleh $3.49
Pita Bread $1.00


Baklava $2.50


Yogurt Drink $2.49
Vimto Fruit Punch $2.00
Lemonade $2.00
Orangina $2.50
Laziza $2.50
Topochico $2.00
Fountain Drink $2.50
Mexican Soda $2.50
Barbican $2.50


Our philosophy is that good ingredients are the foundation of a wonderful meal. Deshalb legen wir großen Wert auf die Verwendung von halal-certified meats in our meals. The following Halal certificates for our chicken and beef gyros are provided as a courtesy to our clients who prefer to know the origins of their culinary products. More menus are available on our website, which you are welcome to share with your friends. Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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