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Hakone Menu 

Hakone is a site for domestic and foreign visitors, as well as for Tokyoites, steeped in ancient Japanese history and tradition.
Hakone is mainly renowned for its hot springs, ryokan, lush nature, museums and ancient places. Hakone is a mountainous location on the famed Tokaido Road that runs from Tokyo to Kyoto. By train from Tokyo, Hakone is easily accessible. Hakone is Japan’s very secure part.

Hakone Menu and Prices:


Traditional Appetizers



Edamame $4.00
steamed soybean pods
Hiyayakko $5.00
cold tofu with garnish and sauce
Agedashi Tofu $6.00
deep fried tofu with garnish and sauce
Mozuku $5.00
marinated fine seaweed in vinaigrette
Oshinko Moriawase $5.00
assorted pickled vegetables
Ika Shiokara $5.00
marinated raw squid
Kani Sunomono $9.00
snow crab, cucumber, and seaweed in vinaigrette sauce


Ala Carte Selections

Ippin Ryori


Appetizer Sushi $17.00
assortment of tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, ikura, and eel sushi
Assorted Sushi $28.00
assortment of seven kinds of nigiri sushi and tuna roll
Appetizer Sashimi $19.00
fresh slices of tuna, yellowtail, and scallop
Assorted Sashimi $29.00
assortment of seven kinds of fresh raw seafood
Ahi Sashimi $15.00
fresh slices of island tuna and garnish
Vegetable Tempura $10.00
assortment of lightly battered vegetables
Appetizer Tempura $14.00
assortment of lightly battered shrimp and vegetables
Shrimp Tempura $14.00
lightly battered shrimp
Assorted Tempura $25.00
lightly battered fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables
Gindara Saikyoyaki $14.00
grilled butterfish marinated in sweet miso
Chicken Karaage $12.00
japanese style deep fried chicken
Udon a La Moana $18.00
stir-fried clam, vegetables, mushrooms, and udan noodles
Mauna Kea Lobster $29.00
lobster tail baked with our signature creamy while miso sauce


Garden Fresh Salads



Haleakala Mist Garden Salad $7.00
fresh selection of upcountry greens served with ponzu olive oil vinaigrette
King Kalakaua Salad $8.00
baby ramaine lettuce with tomato and eel tempura served with white miso garlic dressing
Sweet Maui Onion Salad $7.00
shaved kula onion and crispy fried onion served with citrus say
Ulupalakua Sunset Salad $7.00
flash fried zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, bell pepper, asparagus, and onion, marinated in light say vinaigrette


Complete Dinner Selections

goyushoku zen served with small appetizer, miso soup, rice pickled vegetables, and ice cream


Hakone $48.00
our signature dinner to include sushi, sashimi, tempura, crab sunamono, broiled butterfish and nimano served in a bento style box
Shiosai $42.00
freshly sliced assorted raw seafood to include tuna, yellowtail, salmon, snapper, octopus, scallop, and clam complemented with nimono vegetable
Araiso $41.00
lobster tail baked in a homemade creamy white miso sauce complemented with a green salad
Wakatake $39.00
assortment of sushi to include california roll, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, snapper, eel, salmon roe, complemented with nimono vegetables
Hagoromo $36.00
assortment of lightly battered shrimp, crab, fish, and seasonal vegetables complemented with crab sunomono salad
Isaribi $35.00
broiled sweet miso marinated butterfish, shoyu roasted salmon, and barbecue eel complemented with nimano vegetables
Matsukaze $35.00
teriyaki glazed prime new york steak complemented with a green salad
Seiryu $35.00
cold noodle with condiments and dipping sauce, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and choice of assorted sushi or sashimi
Yamabuki $28.00
breaded park loin cutlet served with original tonkatsu sauce complemented with a green salad
Haruyama $27.00
choice of teriyaki chicken or breaded chicken katsu with original sauce complemented with a green salad


Rakuen Kaiseki

traditional course dinner includes rice and pickled vegetables available to order until 8:30 pm


Rakuen Kaiseki $60.00
Shukoh-chef’s special appetizer, otsukuri-catch of the day sashimi, wan-delicate clear soup with seasonal ingredients, agemono-an assortment of tempura, sushi-your choice of nigiri sushi, yakimono-yo



served and cooked tableside two person minimum by reservation


Nabemono $40.00
sakizuke-chef’s special appetizer and edamame, sukiyaki thinly sliced primed quality beef, with a variety of fresh vegetables, mushroom, and tofu, simmered in a sweet say sauce, shabu-shabu finely sl

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Hakone’s packed with many steps and we bagged a lot so we sent a scout mission XD We discovered the location and they sent a car to the railway station.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.


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