Fugi Tei Menu and Prices updated 2021


Fugi Tei Menu

Fugi Tei Menu and Prices


Shrimp Tempura Appetizers $5.75
shrimp and vegetables fried with a light tempura batter
Calamari Tempura Appetizers $5.75
jumbo calamari steak fried with a light tempura batter
Scallop Tempura Appetizer $5.75
scallops and vegetables fried with a light tempura batter
Vegetable Tempura Appetizer $4.75
assorted vegetables fried with a light tempura batter
Tempura Sweet Potato $4.75
Beef Nagimaki $6.75
beef rolls stuffed with scallions grilled and topped with teriyaki sauce
Beef Tetaki $6.75
thinly sliced rare steak seared on the outside served with ponzu sauce
Teriyaki Steak Sticks $6.75
steak on a skewer grilled with teriyaki sauce
Yakitori $5.25
chicken on a skewer grilled with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Kareage $5.55
ginger flavored chicken wings served with ginger dipping sauce
Shrimp Puree Appetizer $5.25
shrimp fried in a crispy shell
Edamame $3.95
boiled soybeans and lightly salted
Teriyaki Calamari $5.75
jumbo calamari steak sauteed in teriyaki sauce
Seafood Spring Rolls $4.75
mixed seafood and vegetable broiled in a crispy shell
Shrimp Spring Rolls $4.75
mixed seafood and vegetable broiled in a crispy shell
Vegetable Spring Rolls $3.95
mixed vegetables rolled in a crispy shell
Gyoza $3.95
crispy fried semi circle pork dumplings
Steamed Gyoza $3.95
steamed semi circle pork dumplings
Shumi with Shrimp $3.95
steamed round pork dumplings
Shumai with Pork $3.95
steamed round pork dumplings
Kc Roll $7.25
crab , avocado, cream cheese and masago wrapped in paper thin cucumber
Baby Octopus $5.25
cooked marinated baby octopus
Soft Shell Crab $8.25
crispy fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce
Tuna Tetaki $7.25
thinly sliced rare tuna seared on the outside served with ponzu sauce
Sushi Appetizer $7.25
five pieces of assorted nigiri sushi, chefs choice only please
Sashimi Appetizer $7.95
sliced fresh raw fish assorted ,chefs choice only please

Sushi Dinner

Sushi Regular $12.45
6 pieces niglri sushi and 1 California roll
Sushi Deluxe $15.45
9 pieces niglri sushi and 1 California roll
Sashimi Dinner $17.45
a selection of asorted fresh raw fish and seafood
Sushi and Sashimi Combo Single $19.45
6 pieces nigiri sushi, assorted sashimi and 1 California roll
Sushi and Sashimi Combo Double $49.45
assorted nigiri sushi and sashimi for 2 served in a boat
Chirashi $15.45
assorted sashimi served on a bed of rice
Vegetable Sushi Dinner $9.45
6 pieces of assorted veggie susuhi and 1veggie roll

Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi

Crabstick Nigiri Sushi $1.25
Egg Nigiri Sushi $1.25
Shrimp Nigiri Sushi $1.50
Octopus Nigiri Sushi $1.50
Clam Nigiri Sushi $1.50
Conch Nigiri Sushi $1.50
Squid Nigiri Sushi $1.50
Mackerel Nigiri Sushi $1.75
White Fish Nigiri Sushi $1.75
Salmon Nigiri Sushi $1.75
Tuna Nigiri Sushi $1.85
Yellowtail Nigiri Sushi $1.85
Smoked Salmon Nigiri Sushi $1.85
Eel Nigiri Sushi $1.85
Masago Nigiri Sushi $2.25
Ikura Nigiri Sushi $2.25
Crabstick Roll $2.95
Egg Roll $2.95
Shrimp Roll $3.50
Octopus Roll $3.50
Clam Roll $3.50
Conch Roll $3.50
Squid Roll $3.50
Mackerel Roll $3.75
White Fish Roll $3.75
Salmon Roll $3.75
Tuna Roll $3.95
Yellowtail Roll $3.95
Smoked Salmon Roll $3.95
Eel Roll $3.95
Masago Roll $4.75
Ikura Roll $4.75
Crabstick Sashimi $3.95
Egg Sashimi $3.95
Shrimp Sashimi $4.50
Octopus Sashimi $4.50
Clam Sashimi $4.50
Conch Sashimi $4.50
Squid Sashimi $4.50
Mackerel Sashimi $4.95
White Fish Sashimi $4.95
Salmon Sashimi $4.95
Tuna Sashimi $5.25
Yellowtail Sashimi $5.25
Smoked Salmon Sashimi $5.25
Eel Sashimi $5.95
Masago Sashimi $5.95
Ikura Sashimi $5.95

Special Rolls

Califorrnia Roll $4.00
crabstick, cucumber and avocado
California Masago Roll $4.50
a California roll with masago
Kapps Roll $3.00
fresh cucumber
Shrimp Tempura Roll $5.75
tempura shrimp and cucumber with eel sauce
Vegetable Roll $5.00
assorted fresh vegetables
Blue River $7.00
tempura shrimp, eel, cream cheese and avocado with eel sauce
American Dream $8.25
tempura shrimp, conch and masago toppedwith avocado
Dancing Eel Roll $8.75
cream cheese, masago, mayo and avocado topped with BBQ eel
Spider Roll $9.00
soft shell crab, masago, mayo and avocado with eel sauce
Seaworld $7.00
seaweed salad, tempura shrimp and cream cheese with eel sauce
Seamonkey $6.75
octopus,cucumber and spicy sauce 1/2 with masgo
Baked Fire Conch Roll $8.50
California roll topped with baked conch and cream sauce
Salmon Skin Roll $5.00
salmon skin, cream cheese and scallions with eelsauce
Rainbow Roll $9.00
masago, cream cheese and avocado topped with a rainbow of fish
Salmon Twist Roll $8.75
crab, cream cheese and scallions topped with salmon and small salmon
Jb Roll $5.25
salmon, cream cheese and scallions
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.25
tuna, scallions and spicy sauce
Yellowtail and Scallion Roll $5.25
yellowtail and scallions
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.50
yellowtail and scallions with lite spicy mayo sauce


Miso Soup $1.75
Japanese Onion Soup $1.75
Gyoza Soup $3.00


House Salad $1.75
Crab Salad $3.95
Seaweed Salad $3.95
Seasoned Squid Salad $3.95


White Rice $1.60
Sushi Rice $1.85
Chicken Fried Rice $9.95
chicken, eggs and vegetables


Crab Sunomono $4.25
crab, seaweed and cucumber in vinegar
Combination Sunomono $6.45
crab, shrimp, conch and octopus
Spicy Conch Salad $5.45


Spicy Noodle $5.50
noodles and vegetables in a spicy broth
Ramen Noodle $5.50
traditional Japanese noodles in a broth
Yakisoba $9.95
stir fry thin noodles with chicken and vegetables
Tempura Udon $10.95
udon noodles in sweet broth, served with tempura shrimps and vegetables
Yaki Udon $10.95
stir fry udon noodles with egg, chicken and vegetables

Entrees – Traditional

are served with complimentery of soup, salad and steamed rice
Chicken Dinner $10.95
white meat chicken with special seasonings
Teriyaki Chicken $10.95
white meat chicken sauteed with teriyaki sauce
NY Steak $13.95
Ny strip steak with house seasonings served with ginger sauce
Teriyaki Steak $13.95
sliced steak sauteed with scallions and teriyaki sauce
Shrimp Flambe $15.95
plump juicy shrimps sauteed with herbs and a hint of lemon
Scallop Delight $16.95
sauteed scallops with butter serasonings and a squeeze of lemon
Teriyaki Salmon $15.95
pan fried fresh salmon steak with teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Fish of the Day $15.95
please ask your server
Vegetable Delight $9.50
assorted vegetables sauteed with special seasonings
Chicken and Shrimp $14.95
white meat chicken and plump juicy shrimps
Steak and Chicken $15.50
perfect for meat lovers
Steak and Shrimp $16.95
the best combination if you cant decide
Steak and Scallop $17.95
a unique combination of land and sea
steak and Lobster $22.95
a unique combination of land and sea
Seafood Combination $26.95
shrimps, scallops and lobster tail
Fugus Special $26.95
NY steak, shrimps and lobster tail

Entrees – Tempura

deep fried with a lacy delicate coating served with tempura sauce
Chicken Tempura $11.95
Shrimp Tempura $13.95
Seafood Tempura $15.95
scallops, shrimps and calamari

Entrees – Katsu

lightly breaded and deep fried served tonkatsu sauce
Chicken Katsu $11.95
Pork Katsu $12.50

Entrees – Nabemono

Japanese traditional bubbing pot
Chicken Sukiyaki $12.95
chicken, vegetable and tofu served in an iron pot with a sweet taste
Beef Sukiyaki $13.95
sliced beef, vegetable and tofu served in an iron pot with a sweet taste
Yosenabe $15.95
cooked seafood, vegetable and tofu in a broth served in an iron pot

Entrees – Donburi

rice bowl topped with your choice of meat, all served with their own special taste
Unagi Don $11.95
topped with BBQ eel on a bowl of steamed rice
Oyako Don $8.95
chicken and vegetable omelet cooked overrice
Gyu Don $9.95
tender slices of beef simmered with vegetable in a light sweet sauce over rice
Ten Don $9.95
tempura shrimp and vegetables served over rice

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