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El Farolito Menu

In 1982, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, original El Farolito was founded. Farolito is brilliant, energetic and cheerful, distilling burritos prepared in limitless mixes. There are, however, some “No fantastic introduction This is only an aluminium foil covered tortilla. El Farolito, situated at the 24th St and Bart Mission, is famous for its rich Mexican cuisine history which stretches all across the country. Farolito is brilliant, energetic and cheerful, distilling burritos prepared in limitless mixes. There is, however, one “There’s no elaborate show — this is .

El Farolito Menu and Prices:



Guacamole Salad $5.60
Nachos Your Choice $4.50
with meat, with sour cream, with jalapenos, with guacamole



served with beans and hash brown


La Morenita Omelet $6.95
with onions, ham, and green chili
Huevos Rancheros $6.70
red or Green $5.25 with meat
A La Order $6.50
2 eggs, your choice bacon, sausage or ham
Huevos Con Chorizo $5.70
Breakfast Quesadilla $5.95
Toast and Jelly $1.00
Hot Cakes $3.95

Breakfast Burritos Built Your Own


Burrito with Two Eggs $1.25
with bacon add $0.95, with sausage add $0.95, with chorizo add $0.70, with potatoes add $0.95, with cheese add $0.45, with onions add $0.35, with green chili add $0.45
Chips and Salsa $2.50

To Go


Chips and Salsa. $4.50
Chips. $2.50
Salsa $3.00 – $7.95
Menudo $4.95 – $6.95
only Saturday an Sunday


Main Course

(order by number), served with rice and beans, tortillas on request. No substitutions


Chili Con Carne, Red or Green, Taco, Enchilada $6.90
Chile Con Carne, Enchilada, Gordita $6.90
Flauta, Gordita, Enchilada, Taco $7.90
Enchilada – One Beef, 1 Chicken 1 Cheese $7.20
Chile Con carne, Enchilada, Chile Relleno, Taco $7.90
Taco Plate $6.20 – $7.00
Flauta Plate $7.20
beef or chicken in corn tortilla
Enchilada Red or Green $6.25
Chile Relleno Plate $7.20
Gordita Plate $7.20
Chile Colorado Plate $6.75
Chile Verde Plate $6.75
Tostadas Compuestas $6.70 – $7.80
Child Plate $4.25
choice of taco, or enchilada
Baby Bowl $2.90
Fajita Plate $7.95 – $11.20
Veggie Combo, One Relleno, One Enchilada, and Guacamole $7.20



Covered Red or Green $3.25
Beef with Green Chili $2.25
Ground Beef and Potatoes $2.25
Chile Relleno $2.50
Red with Pork $2.25
Beans $1.00 – $1.50

Side Orders


Tostadas Compuestas $2.00
Gordita $2.00
Flauta $1.00
Rice $1.00
Tortilla Flour or Corn $0.75
French Fries $2.50
Quesadilla $1.00
Pico De Gallo $1.50
Chile Relleno $2.25
Taco $1.50 – $1.75
Beans $1.50
Egg $0.80
Sour Cream $0.75
Enchilada $1.50
Guacamoles $2.50



Hamburger with French Fries $5.20
Hamburger with Cheese $0.50
Hamburger with Avocado $1.00
Hamburger with Bacon $1.00
Hamburger with Jalapeno or Green Chili $0.50



Chocola Flan $2.50
Flan $2.00
Mejor Que el Sexo $2.50



Lemonade $1.65
Milk $1.25
Pepsi $1.00
Ice Tea $1.50
Coffee $1.00
Hot Tea $1.50

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


Mexican taqueria & late-night haunt serving comfortable meals such as tacos… El Farolito is situated at 24th St and Bart Mission.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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