El Burrito Taqueria Menu and Prices updated 2021


El Burrito Taqueria Menu 

The burrito was conceived by Juan Méndez, a street vendor in Mexico’s Chihuahua. Méndez opted to wrap its food in tortillas to keep it warm during the Mexican Revolution of the 1910s and to deliver it to its little Donkey. He noticed that it was delicious and a nice method to serve the food in a tortillas. In the United States, Burritos are a popular Tex-Mex food with nearly any variety including breakfast and dinner options. Burritos may be ordered with a number of meat, cheese, veggies and sauces, as well as sauces and sauces. The classic Mexican dishes & street food is served at a counter with colourful, casual small chains.

El Burrito Taqueria Menu and Prices:


Empanada $1.00
Beef patties
Pastel de Pollo $1.00
Chicken patties
Chicharon $2.50
Pork strips
Yuca Frita $1.50
Fried yuca
Platano Madura Con Queso $2.00
Fried plantains w/ cheese
Tamales Centro Americanos $2.99
Chicken Wings $4.50
Chicken Fingers $4.75


Popusas $1.75
corn tortillas filled with cheese, chicharon, mixed or loroco flour.
Bandeja Paisa $8.50
rice, pork strips, beans, fried plantains, egg, steak and a salad
Plato Mexicano
steak,chicken,roast pork or grilled veggies with rice, beans, salad and 3 corn tortillas
Plato Mexicano $5.95
Steak, chicken, roast pork or grilled veggies w/ rice, beans, salad and 3 corn tortillas
Plato De Carne Asada $6.95
grilled steak plate with rice, beans, salad, and 3 corn tortillas
Papas Frito Y Alas Con Pollo $5.50
chicken fingers or chicken wings plate with french fries.


Super Burrito $4.25
our biggest tortilla stuffed with your choice of steak, chicken or roast pork
Burrito $3.50
standard tortilla with your choice of steak, chicken, roast pork or grilled veggies
Super Veggie Burrito $4.25
large tortilla filled with grilled fresh veggies
Quesadilla $3.50
grilled tortilla filled with steak, chicken, roast pork or grilled veggies with cheese
Tacos $2.50
Steak, chicken, roast pork, grilled vegetables or bean and cheese with lettuce and tomatoes
Cheese Quesadilla $2.75
our regular quesadillas with cheese, hot sauce, and salsa
Extra Guacamole $0.55
Extra Cheese $0.35
Extra Sour Cream $0.55

Side Orders

Guacamole $1.05
Sour Cream $0.55
Rice $0.95
1/2 Pint
Beans $0.95
1/2 Pint
Salsa $0.95
1/2 Pint
Vegetables $1.65
1/2 Pint
3 Corn Tortilla $0.25
3 Corn Tortillas Homemade $1.00
Beef $2.00
1/2 Pint
Pork $2.00
1/2 Pint
Chicken $2.00
1/2 Pint


Batidos/Shakes $2.00
Large variety of soft drinks, juices, milk, jaritos, coffee, hot chocolate.

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