Earl’s Mexican & American Foods Menu and Prices updated 2021


Earl’s Mexican & American Foods Menu¬†

The roots of Mexican food may be traced back to 7000 BCE when it still had to be colonised in Mexico and Central America. Indigenous people then went through the area and survived the hunting and collecting of plants. The wild chilli pepper they ate often was one of the most common plants in the region. When the refugees began to arrive, they wanted to consume their homeland’s food. They begin to eat tacos home, with tacos in Mexican restaurants being offered. That’s how the first famous tacos were tacos, tacos rolling, debuted in southern California in the 1920s.

Earl’s Mexican & American Foods Menu and Prices:


Cheese Crisp $3.70
Green Chile Cheese Crisp $3.95
Guacamole Cheese Crisp $5.20
Nachos, Mild or Hot $4.70
Guacamole Dip $4.65
Mexican Potato Skins $5.05
Sampler Plate $6.90

Ala Carreta

Mexican Pizza Deluxe $6.90
cheese, tomato, green onion, green chili, black olives, beef
Chimichanga $5.99
with sour cream and guacamole
Tacos-Shredded or Ground Beef $2.70
Tacos-Chicken $2.70
Tostadas-Bean $2.60
Tostadas-Beef and Bean $3.30
Tostadas-Guacamole $3.40
Burritos-Green or Red Chile Con Carne $3.75
Burritos-Chicken $3.99
Burritos-Bean and Cheese $2.70
Burritos-Beef and Bean $3.65
Burritos-Shredded or Ground Beef $3.99
Burritos-Enchilada Style $0.99
Burritos-Deep Fried $0.99
Chile Relleno $3.65
mild green chile stuffed with monterey jack cheese, fried in egg batter, then baked with sauce and cheddar cheese
Enchiladas-Cheese $2.70
Enchiladas-Beef $3.50
Enchiladas-Chicken $3.50
Enchiladas-Seafood $3.90
Enchiladas-Beef Tamale $2.99
served with red chile sauce
Side Orders-Sour Cream $1.25
Side Orders-Guacamole $1.95
Side Orders-Refried Beans or Spanish Rice $1.35
Side Orders-Fried Egg $1.25
Side Orders-Flour Tortilla $1.20
Side Orders-3 Corn Tortillas $1.20
Side Orders-Order of Chips $1.20
Side Orders-Jalapeno Pepper $0.90
Side Orders-Alka Seltzer $0.90

Fajitas for Two

one full pound of your choice of meats grilled over an open fire and served on a sizzling hot skillet. Served with sauteed onions, rice or beans, sour cream, guacamole and hot tortillas. Single serving – half price
USDA Choice Marinated Sirloin Steak $13.90
USDA Choice Ribeye Steak $17.05
Breast of Chicken $13.90
Garlic Shrimp $17.05

Platos De Combination

no substitutions
Chimichanga Special $6.99
beef or chicken served enchilada style with rice, beans, sour cream
Two Seafood Enchiladas $7.55
rice and beans, guacamole
Taco, Tamale, Cheese Enchilada $7.05
rice and beans
Beef Enchilada, Chile Relleno $6.99
rice and beans
Chile Relleno, Cheese Enchilada $6.99
Two Tacos, Cheese Enchilada $6.30
tacos may be ground or shredded beef
Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Tostada $6.30
tacos may be ground or shredded beef
Two Beef or Chicken Enchiladas $6.99
Green or Red Chili Con Carne $6.45
rice, beans, tortilla
Huevos Con Chorizo, Rice Beans $5.45
Green or Red Chile Burro $6.45
enchilada style, taco, beans
Two Tacos, Rice and Beans $5.99
tacos may be ground or shredded beef
Beef or Chicken Enchilada $5.45
with sour cream, rice and beans
Cheese Enchilada $5.30
rice and beans

Earl’s Best Desserts

Vanilla Ice Cream $1.25
Deep Fried Ice Cream $2.80
Nuttery Buttery Pecan Pie -Earl’s Own Recipe $2.40
Chocolate or Strawberry Sundae $1.99
Hot Fudge Sundae $1.99
French Apple or Cherry Pie $1.99

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