Dos Caminos Park Menu and Prices updated 2021


Dos Caminos Park Menu 

The colourful energy of Mexico City is brought into New York City by Dos Caminos. Authentic and upmarket mexican dishes, including fresh guaca, murderous margaritas and favourites in the South of the Border. A lively canteen that serves modern Mexican cuisine, drinks and cocktails made-to-order.
In this raucous, popular mega-house, Margaritas and Mexican cuisine meet a serious, south-fringing aesthetic.
Dos Caminos is just what Mexico’s modern food in New York City should be. Dos Caminos is renowned for its fresh, fresh guacamole.

Dos Caminos Park Menu and Prices:

Entradas Y Platillos

El Mexicano Burger $14.00
Served with jalapeno chili relleno, guacamole, roasted tomato mayonnaise, smoked chile fries.
Quesadilla Del Mercado $19.00
Served with grilled market vegetables, crisp whole wheat tortillas, queso menonita, roasted tomato-arbol salsa
Dos Enchiladas
Served with roasted chicken rolled in corn tortillas, queso menonita, mole poblano and tomatillo verde sauces
Dos Enchiladas $21.00
Served with roasted chicken rolled in corn tortillas, queso menonita, mole poblano and tomatillo verde sauces
Skirt Steak Asada $26.00
Served with grilled natural skirt steak, oven-dried tomato chipotle salsita, roasted market vegetables


Empanadas De Platano $11.00
Roasted plantain masa, black beans, poblano chiles, queso anejo.
Taquitos De Pollo $11.00
Pulled chicken, sweet potatoes, crispy corn tortillas, crema, queso fresco, tomatillo-avocado salsa.
Tuna Chino-Latino $14.00
Soy-lime marinade, sesame, chiles, mint, cilantro.
Pork Panuchos $18.00
Cochinita pibil, soft tostadas, black beans, escabeche.
Chorizo Fundido $12.00
Mexican cheeses, dark beer, spicy chorizo, tortillas.
Dos Caminos Chopped Salad $12.00
Grilled corn, poblano chiles, pinto beans, olives, anejo cheese, crispy tortillas, toasted cumin vinaigrette add chicken $6.00, steak $8.00, shrimp $9.00.


Served with a trio of salsas and warm corn tortilla chips.
Traditional $14.00 – $26.00
Butternut Squash, Apple, Chipotle $14.00
Toasted pepitas and cucumber chips enchillito.
Chapulines (Oaxacan Grasshoppers) $14.00
Pasilla oaxaca chiles.
Crunchy Veggies For Dipping $5.00

Ceviche Bar

Tuna Chino-Latino $14.00
Soy-lime marinade, sesame, chiles, mint, cilantro.
Red Snapper* De La Calle $12.00
Lime marinade, serrano chiles, tomato, green olives, cilantro.
Baby Octopus $12.00
Citrus juices, red onion, radishes, oaxaca chile.
Ceviches Sampler $19.00
Agua Chile Poached Shrimp $14.00
Lime and chile marinated shrimp, jicama, red onion, avocado.


Classic with warm hand-made tortillas.
Vegetales Tacos $16.00
Butternut squash, pinto beans, grilled avocado, salsa verde, quinoa tortillas.
Asada $19.00
Natural skirt steak, caramelized onions, cotija cheese, guacamole.
Pollo $17.00
Citrus-marinated chicken, queso fresco, pinto beans, salsa.
Carnitas Tacos $17.00
Slow-roasted pork, green chile salsa, pickled red onion.
Baja Tacos $20.00
Surf and turf: grilled marinated skirt steak*, tecate battered rock shrimp, sriracha aioli, bacon guacamole.
Pescado $18.00
Grilled wild mahi-mahi, spicy slaw, smoked chile aioli, guacamole.
Tour De Tacos $36.00
Two each: asada, carnitas, pescado & pollo tacos.

Eggs & Classics

We serve brey’s egg farm natural eggs.
Dos Caminos Rancheros $16.00
Crisp tortillas, fried eggs, refried pinto beans, smoked ham, queso fresco.
Breakfast Quesadilla $15.00
Scrambled eggs, bacon, queso menonita, warm handmade tortillas.
Tropical Fruit Granola $12.00
Nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, yogurt.
Grilled Skirt Steak & Eggs $19.00
Two eggs sunny side up, salsa chipotle, abuelitas hash browns, beans.
Lemon-Blueberry Pancakes $14.00
Warm blueberry syrup, lemon sugar.
Machacado Breakfast Tacos $15.00
Beef short rib tacos, scrambled eggs, new york state sharp cheddar, salsa a la mexicana.
Mexican French Toast $14.00
Crispy pan torrejas, rum and cajeta caramel roasted bananas.
Huevos Con Chorizo Enchiladas $16.00
Scrambled eggs with chorizo, queso blanco, guajillo salsa.
Americano $12.00
Two eggs any style, bacon or chorizo, hash browns.

House Specialites

Skirt Steak Asada $26.00
Grilled natural skirt steak, tomato chipotle salsita, roasted market vegetables.
Barbacoa De Chivo $19.00
Mexican barbequed goat, chile-lime yogurt, ginger-pickled napa.
Dos Enchiladas $21.00
Roasted chicken, queso menonita, mole poblano and tomatillo verde sauces.
Oaxacan Shrimp Quesadilla $24.00
Open-faced crispy tortilla, chile-marinated shrimp, mexican cheeses, smoked wild mushrooms, oven-dried tomatoes.
Herb Roasted Chicken $22.00
Pickled heirloom tomato, serrano and avocado salsa, mexican brown rice.
Salmon A La Plancha $24.00
Lemon-herbed quinoa, oven roasted tomato black olive salsa.
Shrimp Al Ajillo $28.00
Red chile, marinated shrimp, soft corn tamal, mojo de ajo.
18 Ingredient Mole Short Ribs $26.00
Roasted overnight, mexican risotto.
Market Quesadilla $19.00
Grilled market vegetables, oaxacan cheese, roasted tomato chipotle salsita.


Mac N Chorizo $7.00
Skillet Poblano Corn Bread $7.00
Papas Fritas $7.00
Market Vegetables $7.00
Vegetarian Black Beans $7.00
Refried Pinto Beans $7.00
Sweet Plantains $7.00
Brussels Sprouts $7.00
Chile and mint.
Mexico City Street Corn $7.00
On or off the cob.
Our Farms & Partners $7.00
Sullivan county, mosefund, masienda, creekstone, brey’s hepworth, salty road, satur,ozo organic espresso, cooperative salinas de marquez.
Bacon or Turkey Bacon $6.00
Chorizo $6.00
Abuelitas $6.00
Hash Browns $6.00
Fresh Fruit $6.00


Strawberry – Banana $9.00
Banana, strawberry, orange.
Outrageously Blue $9.00
Blueberry, banana, pineapple.
Protein Punch $9.00
Skim milk, chocolate, banana, whey protein.
Blue Pomegranate $9.00
Blueberry, pomegranate, agave.
Green Health $9.00
Kale, grapes, cashew milk.


Arise $8.00
Orange, raspberry.
Power Drive $8.00
Orange, carrot, ginger.
Green Energy $8.00
Spinach, parsley, celery.
Carrot $8.00
Orange, Grapefruit $8.00

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


A lively canteen that serves modern Mexican cuisine, drinks and cocktails made-to-order.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.


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