Dim Sum Chef Menu and Prices updated 2021


Dim Sum Chef Menu 

Most dim contemporaneous meals originate in the cantones in Guangzhou in southern China. Tea with dim amounts later became the contemporary yum cha (brunch). During the second half of the 19th century in Guangzhou, Cantonese dim sum culture evolved quite fast. Dim Sum, what is it? Tourists on the Silk Road in ancient China stopped at tea houses and split off. It has been found that the digestion is helpful with drinking tea, therefore the tea provides small pieces of food.

The tradition of sipping tea began with dim sum or yam chaDim Sum’s distinctive cuisine started many centuries ago in China. The earliest Dim sum was manufactured 2.500 years ago, as may be seen in the poetry and music of that period, according to several sources of information. While Dim’s sum has an inextricable connection with Cantonese cuisine, it did not truly come from Canton. Many dim sum plates have rich calories, heavy in fat and sodium and can help to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Many faint sums are packed in calories and heavy in fat and sodium, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Dim Sum Chef Menu and Prices:

Combination Specials

S1. Dim Sum Combo 1 $7.10
chicken claws & pork ribs on rice, chinese sausage & chicken on rice, chinese & liver sausage and pork strips on rice, black mushrooms & chicken on rice, salty eggs & pork pattie on rice, pan-fried s
S2. Dim Sum Combo 2 $9.10
braised beef brisket on rice, sweet & sour pork ribs on rice, curry chicken on rice, chicken w/lily flowers & auricularia on rice.
S3. Dim Sum Combo 3 $10.10
frog & garlic on rice, dried scallops & chicken on rice, steamed duck leg on rice.


House Special Soup $2.10

Steamed Dim Sum

1. Shrimp Dumpling $3.55
2. Spinach Shrimp Dumpling $3.55
3. Shrimp & Chives Dumpling $3.55
4. Pork & Shrimp Shiu Mai $3.55
5. Beef Meatballs $3.55
6. Pork Ribs With Black Bean Sauce $3.55
7. Chicken Claws With Black Bean Sauce $3.55
8. Braised Tripe With Ginger & Scallion $3.55
9. Eggplant With Black Bean Sauce $3.55
10. Pig Feet Marinated With Bean Sauce $3.55
11. Steamed Ox Stomach In Satay Sauce $4.10
12. Bean Curd Skin Roll With Vermicelli $3.55
13. Steamed Assorted Meat Dumpling $3.55
14. Short Ribs With Garlic Sauce $4.10
15. Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf $4.10
16. Pork Ribs With Rice Noodle $4.10
17. Sticky Rice With Seaweed $4.10
18. Vegetarian Dumpling $3.10
19. Pork Roll With Oyster Sauce $3.10
20. Shanghai Meat Dumpling $3.10
Steamed Pumpkin Cake With Red Bean Paste $3.10
Vegetarian BBQ Pork Bun $3.10

Steamed Buns $3.10

21. Bbq Pork Bun
22. Steamed Homemade Sausage Bun
23. Steamed Plain Bun
24. Vegetarian Bun Shanghai-Style
25. Lotus Paste Bun
26. Custard Cream Bun
27. Red Bean Paste Bun

Steamed Rice $5.10

28. Chicken Claws & Pork Ribs On Rice
29. Black Mushroom & Chicken On Rice
30. Chinese Sausage & Chicken On Rice
31. Salty Egg & Pork Pattie On Rice
32. Chinese Sausage, Liver Sausage & Pork Strips
with rice.
33. Pan-Fried Sticky Rice
A. Short Ribs With Garlic On Rice
B. Beef With Szechuan Pickle On Rice

Special Rice Wrapped In Lotus Leaf

35. Dried Scallops & Chicken On Rice $8.10
36. Braised Beef Brisket On Rice $7.10
37. Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs On Rice $7.10
38. Curry Chicken On Rice $7.10
39. Dried Cured Duck Legs On Rice $8.10

Stuffed Rice Noodle Rolls

52. Rice Noodle Roll With Beef $3.55
53. Rice Noodle Roll With Shrimp $3.55
54. Preserved Egg With Roasted Pork $3.55
55. Vegetarian Rice Noodle Roll $3.55
56. Rice Noodle Roll With Fried Dough $3.55
57. Rice Noodle Roll With Dried Shrimp & Scallion $3.55
58. Plain Rice Noodle Roll $3.55
59. Braised Beef Brisket Rice Noodle Roll $4.75

Vegetarian Items

Imitation Japanese Roasted Eel On Rice $7.85
42. Imitation Braised Chicken On Rice $7.10
43. Imitation Roasted Pork On Rice $7.10
44. Imitation Chicken Cutlet On Rice $7.10

Pan-Seared & Fried Items

60. Fried Sesame Shrimp Rolls $4.10
61. Fried Bean Curd Skin Rolls With Shrimp $4.10
62. Fried Shrimp Ball $4.10
63. Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls $3.55
64. Fried Shrimp & Chives Roll $3.55
65. Crispy Shrimp Cake With Taro $3.55
66. Fried Banana $3.55
67. Fried Plain Bun $3.10
68. Fried Sticky Rice Dumpling With Pork $3.10
69. Fried Sesame Ball With Lotus Paste $3.10
70. Pan-Seared Shrimp Cake $4.10
71. Pan-Seared Turnip Cake $4.10
72. Pan-Seared Chives & Shrimp Dumpling $3.55
73. Pan-Seared Meat & Vegetable Bun $3.55
74. Pan-Seared Rice Noodle With Dry Shrimp $3.55

Congee $5.40

75. Congee With Meatball & Preserved Egg
76. Congee With Beef Ball & Corn
77. Congee With Dried Yellow Fish & Peanuts

Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn

45. Sweet Taro Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $4.40
46. Tofu Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $4.40
47. Plain Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $3.15
47. Plain Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $1.65
add fried dough
49. Dried Scallops Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $5.40
50. Imitation Chicken Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $5.40
51. Imitation Roast Pork Congee With Bamboo Fungus & Corn $5.40

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The Chinese word “dim sum” is often interpreted as “touch the heart.” Sweet, savoury or prepared steamed, baked or fried these little portions of the dish. The modest size makes it possible for the consumer to order a large number of dishes to create a banquet with varied tastes and tastes.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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