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Davanni’s Menu

Stenson and his daughters, Katie Stenson and Kristy Stenson Silva, now jointly own the company. Huberty claims that the two (both 29 and 31 years old) bring a millennial mindset to a corporation dominated by baby boomers. The company was founded by CEO Mick Stenson and three college mates in 1975 (with expansion came the name change to Davanni’s in 1983). After buying out co-founders Roger Schelper and Bob Carlson in 2013, Stenson’s daughters, Kristy Stenson Silva and Katie Stenson, now own 25% of the company.

Davanni’s Menu and Prices:


Our Pizzas truly are ??Local & Legendary.??_ Three sizes, four crusts, three sauces. Countless ingredients, countless combinations. Choose from six Specialty Pizzas or Build Your Own.
Southwestern Taco (Limited Time Only!)
Build Your Own
Five Meat
Chicken Florentine
Chicken & Roma Tomato with White Sauce
Pizza by the Slice

Hot Hoagies

Try one and you’ll be raving like all our Hoagy fanatics! Built on white, grain or ciabatta. Standard dress comes on most of our Hot Hoagies (unless noted otherwise): Our Hot Hoagies are topped with mozzarella and garlic butter, then broiled. Once out of the oven, we add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and our own secret dressing.
Turkey Bacon Chipotle
Roast Beef
Chicken Breast
Chicken Bacon Honey Mustard
Southwestern Chicken
Chicken Parmigiana
Buffalo Chicken
Tuna Melt


Our homemade pizza dough is stuffed with fresh ingredients, a generous portion of mozzarella and our white sauce. Then, it’s folded, sealed, brushed with garlic butter and baked to perfection. Served with a side of red sauce.
Build Your Own Calzone


Choose from our Penne Pasta or Homemade Lasagna. The Penne Pasta is available in three sauces ?? Red, Alfredo, or Rosa (a mixture of Red & Alfredo sauce.) All varieties include ciabatta garlic toast.
Penne Pasta
Chicken Florentine


The only way you’ll get fresher is if you picked all of the vegetables yourself from your own garden. All seven of our Entr??e Salads are made fresh to order. All salads are also available as a side size and are the perfect companion to any meal.
Hearty Italian (Limited Time!)
Chicken Cobb
Southwestern with Chicken
Spinach with Chicken
Oriental Chicken
Caesar with Chicken

Sharables & Sides

Choose your favorite Sharables & Sides to complement and complete your meal. They’re so good on their own, you can even order them as your meal!
Meatball Sharable
Garlic Cheese Bread
Boneless Wings
Old Dutch – Dutch Crunch Chips
Side Garden Salad
Side Caesar Salad


Dig In! Divulge! You Deserve Desserts! Choose from Fabulous Brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, or Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
Rice Crispy Treats
Fabulous Brownies
Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Kid’s Meals

You have a choice of two Kids Meals _ Penne Pasta or Solo Cheese Pizza. A basic Kid’s Meal includes a Chocolate Chunk Cookie and choice of Milk or Kiddy Kup. All are offered at a low price and all can be customized to the customer’s own preferences.
Cheese Pizza


We proudly serve Coca-Cola_ products in both cups and cans. It’s what our customers have demanded from Day 1. Looking for less fizz? There’s Iced Tea, Bottled Water or Milk (1% or Chocolate). Most shops also offer Beer options.
Self Serve Fountain Drinks
Self-Serve Iced Tea
Canned Pop
Cold Beer
Other Beverages
Bundle your Chips with a Pop. No coupon required. In fact, you don’t even have to ask ?? you automatically get the discount.

Chips & Pop

Vegetarian Options
Pizza Crusts
Pizza Sauces (Traditional, Deep Dish, White oil, and Pink)
Pasta Sauces
Mayonnaise (Plain and Chipotle)
Garlic Spread
Tuna (Tuna Melt)
Chicken Breast
Penne Pasta
Salad Dressings

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


Davanni’s is a Twin Cities restaurant that serves pizza, hoagies, and other dishes. Purchasing items locally is a fantastic idea and, as a result, an aim of ours.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.


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