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Darna Menu 

We’ll need a plethora of good ingredients, as well as a diverse range of cultural influences from throughout the country’s history to unlock all of its culinary mysteries…
Darna, which means “our house” in Arabic, is the best restaurant and lounge in the Washington, DC area. Our venue combines traditional Arabic culture with contemporary nightlife trends. You can spend your evening in our ultra-modern Library, on one of our luxurious canopy draped beds in the Bedroom, or sitting by the fire in our Middle Eastern Living Room. Perhaps you’d rather go to the Kitchen, a sleek but cosy bar lit by candlelight for those late-night drinks.

Darna Menu and Prices:


Hummus $4.95
Zaatar pita and mixed greens
Moroccan Cigars $5.95
Three meat filled cigars with tehina sauce
Mediterranean Salad Sampler $5.50
Baba ganouj, zaatar pita and mixed greens


Salads can be ordered with grilled salmon for an additional $4.50 and grilled chicken breast for an additional $5.00
Heart of Palm Salad $5.50
Mixed greens, cucumbers, heart of palm and greek lemon dressing
Caesar Salad $4.95
Greek lemon dressing and rosemary croutons
Darna Mango Salad $5.50
Mixed greens, pecans and mangoes and greek lemon dressing


Moroccan Charirah $5.95
Traditional motoccan meat soup with chickpeas and lentils
Vegetable Soup $5.50
Hearty vegetable soup a darna specialty


All entrees come with your choice of two of the following: moroccan rice, french fries, roast potatoes, israeli salad and carrots with basil
Herbed Grilled Chicken Breast $13.95
Herb marinated skinless breast of chicken
Persian Chicken Shish $12.95
Skewered chunks of tender chicken breast
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breast $13.95
Skewered tender chicken breast with roasted garlic sauce


Salmon or Vegetable Penne Pasta $10.95
Olives, herbs and tomatoes


All sandwiches come with french fries, sliced tomato, lettuce and onion
Hamburger Foccacia $9.95
8 oz of Seasoned ground beef served on a hamburger bun bread
Grilled Chicken Breast Baguette $10.95
Grilled marinated chicken
Jerusalem Mix Wrap $10.95
Tender marinated chicken sautéed with onions, mushrooms and hummus
Grilled Vegetable Baguette $8.95
Marinated grilled vegetables on fresh french bread
Grilled Steak Wrap $15.95
Ribeye steak with romaine lettuce and moroccan rice

Moroccan Tajine

Chicken Tajine $15.95
Braised with preserved lemons, olives and traditional seasoning, served with couscous and vegetables

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


Darna Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant that specialises on halal Middle Eastern cuisine… Our meals are grilled, healthy, and delicious, and they are sure to please!Keep an eye on our website for more menus,


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