Cedar’s Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Cedar’s Restaurant Menu

When Cedar’s Restaurant was created, owner Charbel Saab ensured that it would reflect his homeland of Lebanon by including authentic Lebanese food, music and entertainment. Charbel personally oversees every step in the preparation, presentation, and service of Cedar’s cuisine.

Cedar’s Restaurant Menu and Prices

Cold Appetizers & Salads


Hummus $7.00
Chickpeas blended with sesame paste, garlic an lemon juice
Baba Ghanouj $7.00
Eggplant blended with sesame pste, garlic and lemon juice
Warak Inab $7.00
Grape leaves stuffed with vegetablea and rice
Moussaka $7.00
Eggplant, chickpeas, tomato garlic and onion
Lebeh $8.00
Condensed yogurt served with olive oil
Shanklish $8.00
Dry homemade cheese served over green onions and tomatoes
Mohamara $8.00
Walnuts, peppers, bread crumbs and pomegrantate molasses
House Salad $6.00
Lettuce, tomatoes, radish, cucumber, lemon , juice and olive oil
Cedar’s Salad $7.50
Fresh chopped vegetables
Tabbouleh $7.00
Parsley, onions, tomato, cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil
Fattouch $7.00
Lettuce, cucumbers, onions, bread, sumac, lemon juice and olive oil
Laban Salad $6.50
Yogurt, chopped cucumber, mint and garlic
Salata El Raheb $7.75
Eggplant, tomato, parsley, garlic and lemon juice
Kibbeh Nayeh $13.00 – $19.00
Ground select meat, cracked wheat and seasoning

Hot Appetizers


Fried Kibbah $7.50
Shells of meat and cracked what, stuffed withmeat, onoin, and pine nuts
Falafel $7.00
Chickenpeas and fava beans, fried and served with tahini sauce
Makanek $8.00
Homemade sausage sauteed with lemon juice
Sujouk $8.00
Spicy, homemade sausage sauteed with lemon juice
Safina $7.50
Meat pies, baked with onion, toamto and pine nuts
Fatayer $7.50
Spinach pies, baked with onion, walnuts olive oil and lemon juice
Foul $7.50
Fava beans, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil
Chicken Rolls $7.50
Fried and stuffed with sweet red pepper and sundried tomato
Hummus with Meat $9.50
Hummus toppewd with sauteed meat and pine nuts
Hummus with Shawarma $9.50
Hummus topped with roasted beef
Arayes $8.00
Ground meat, onion and parsley, baked in pita bread



Lentil or Chicken $6.50

Cedar’s Special Entrees


Baked Kibbeh $20.00
Ground meat and cracked wheat, stuffed with meat, onions, and pjne nuts. Served with laban salad
KIbbeh Bi Laben $20.00
Kibbeh balls cooked in yogurt sauce with garlic and cilantro. Served wit rice
Bemieh $20.00
Sauteed okra with lamb, tomato, suace, cilantro and garlic. Served with rice
Mahashi Inab $20.00
Grape leaves stuffed with meat, vegetables and rice
Chicken Cedar’s $20.00
Sauteed chicken breast, stuffed with cilantro, tomato, onion, and garlic, served with rice and vegetables


Meat and Chicken from the Grille

Served with rice & vegetables


Kafta Kabob $20.00
Three skewers of ground meat mixed with parsley and onions, add $3.00 for tejan sauce
Shish Kabob $21.00
Three skewers of lamb cubes
Shish Tawook $20.00
Three skewers of marinated chicken breast
Mixed Grille $21.00
Combination platter of kafta, tawook an shish kabobs
Rack of Lamb $32.00
Grilled lamb chops
Shawarma $20.00
Beef marinated in seasoning and cooked on rotisserie. Served with tahini sauce
Farrouji Musahab $20.00
Cornish hen, de-bones, marinated and grilled to perfection
Quails $30.00
Partially boneless, grilled then sauteed with garlic, cilantro and lemon juice


Fish and Seafood

Served with rice & vegetables


Grilled Jumbo Shrimp $31.00
Marinated with our exotic mediterranesn seasoning
Shrimp Scampi $33.00
Marianted jumbo shrimp, sauteed to butter, lemon juice, garlic, cilantro and white wine
Snapper Filet $28.00
Grilled or baked
Fish Tajen $30.00
Filet of snapper sauteed then topped with onion and tahini sauce
Samak Harra $30.00
Filet of snapper sauteed then topped with garlic , cilantro, tomato, onion and spicy seasoning
Salmon Filet $28.00
Grilled or baked



Garlic Sauce $2.00
Hot Sauce $2.00
Tahini Sauce Extra $2.00
Bread Basket (4 Pcs) $1.00



Knafe $6.00
Baklava $6.00

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