Casa Portugal Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021

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Traditional Portuguese meal served in an inviting, old-fashioned setting. Casa da ndia (House of India) is a typical and inexpensive Portuguese restaurant. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the name refers to an organisation that oversaw Portuguese trade in foreign items, such as spices. One of my favourite restaurants in Lisbon, with excellent service and a welcoming staff. Portugal is perhaps the best destination in Europe to eat and drink seafood; the Portuguese love to eat and drink!

Casa Portugal Restaurant Menu and Prices


Pastéis Variados
3 cod fish cakes, 2 shrimp cakes, linguiça & salad
Omelete De Camarão
shrimp omelet w/ mixed salad
Omelete De Vegetais
vegetables omelet w/ french fries
Omelete De Chouriço
chouriço omelet w/mixed green salad
Favas C/ Chouriço
fava beans w /portuguese sausage
Filetes De Peixe Á Portuguêsa
fried fish filet with salad & portuguese style fries
Salmão Grelhado
grilled salmon
Galinha C/ Ceaser Salad
grilled chicken over ceaser salad
Galinha C/ Salada
mixed salad with spicy grilled chicken breast
Peito De Galinha C/ Vinho Do Porto
chicken breast sauteed with fresh mushrooms & port wine sauce
Camarão Á Chefe
shrimp chef style
Pasta C/ Marisco
clams, mussels, shrimp and pasta in a red sauce
Lulas Grelhadas
grilled squid over mixed green salad
grilled thin sliced steak with egg & portuguese style fries
Frango No Churrasco
grilled chicken in a spicy sauce
Febras Grelhadas
grilled thin sliced pork with rice & portuguese style fries
Carne De Porco Á Portuguêsa
marinated pork cubes with potatoes
Prego De Bife
thin sliced steak in a roll with portuguese style fries
Sandes De Bife C/ Pimentos E Cebola
pepper steak & onions
Sandes De Galinha
grilled chicken sandwiche with portuguese style fries
Prego De Porco
thin sliced pork in a roll with portuguese style fries


Ameijoas Á Bolhão Pato
little necks, sautèed in olive oil, garlic wine sauce & parsley
Ameijoas Ao Natural
little necks in a half shell
Favas C/ Chouriço
fava beans with portuguese sausage
Chouriço Assado No Fogareiro
grilled portuguese sausage
Mexilhão Á Estoril
mussels and onions cooked in red sauce
Presunto C/ Queijo Fresco
plate of fresh cheese and prosciutto
Camarão De Aperitivo
shrimp apptizer


Sopa Portuguêsa
portuguese soup with mixed vegetables & chouriço
Canja De Galinha
chicken soup
Caldo Verde
kale soup & chouriço


Salada Mista
mixed salad
Ceaser Salada
ceaser salad


Filetes De Peixe
fried fish filet with salad, rice & potatoes
Dourada Grelhada
grilled sea bream with boilled potatoes & vegetables
Lulas Grelhadas
grilled squid with boiled potatoes & vegetables
Pescada Á Delícia
oven baked whiting with butter & banana
Salmão Grelhado
grilled salmon with boiled potatoes & vegetables
Bacalhau Á Braz
cod fish with eggs, potatoes & onions
Bacalhau Á Lagareiro
cod fish with red potatoes in olive oil
Bacalhau Assado Na Brasa
cod fish, green peppers, boiled potatoes, olive oil & garlic


Mariscada Á Costa Do Sol
half lobster, little necks, shrimp, squid & mussels in a red sauce
Mariscada Á Costa Brava
half lobster, little necks, shrimp, squid, oregano& parsley in a white sauce
Paelha Á Marinheiro
half lobster, rice, chicken, veal, mussels, clams, squid. linguiça, shrimp, red peppers & peas
Arroz De Marisco
rice with shrimp, clams, mussels, squid, scallops & half lobster
Arroz Á Valenciana
rice, chicken, veal, squid, linguiça, clams, shrimp, red peppers & peas
Caldeirada Á Portuguêsa
an assortment of fish, clams, mussels, squid & shrimp in a red sauce
Camarão Grelhado
grilled shrimp in a spicy sauce
Camarão Recheado
baked shrimp with seafood stuffing
Camarão C/ Molho D’Alho
shrimp sautèed in butter & garlic sauce
Camarão De Caril
shrimp sautèed in a curry sauce
Camarão Á Chefe
shrimp chef style


Bife Á Portuguêsa
fried steak with ham, fried egg, in a garlic and wine sauce
Bife Á Casa
fried steak with linguiça and onions in a wine sauce
Bife Grelhado
grilled sirloin steak
Medalhas De Bife
fried steak medallions, fresh mushrooms, in mustard & wine sauce
Febras De Porco Grelhadas
grilled scalloped pork with a spicy garlic sauce
Carne De Porco Á Alentejana
marinated pork cubes with little necks and potatoes
Escalopes De Porco Á Casa
fried pork with onions, linguiça in a wine sauce
Escalopes De Vitela Á Zingara
scalloped veal with fresh mushrooms & ham in a wine sauce
Filet Mignon C/ Camarão Recheado
surf &turf beef tenderloin with bacon and 2 stuffed shrimps
Pato C/ Laranja
roasted duck with orange sauce
Frango No Churrasco
grilled chicken in a spicy sauce
Peito De Galinha Grelhado
grilled chicken breast
Peito De Galinha C/ Vinho Do Porto
chicken breast sautèed with fresh mushrooms & port wine sauce


Prato Vegetariano
vegetarian plate


Chicken Fingers
Mini Bife Á Portuguêsa

Side Orders

French Fries
Batata Frita Á Portuguêsa
portuguese style fries
black kidney beans
mixed vegetables

Dessert Selections

Flan Pudding $4.00
Natas Do Ceu $4.00
Chocolate Mousse $4.00
Ice Cream $4.00
Arroz Doce $4.00
Pears Port Wine Sauce $4.50
Mollotof $4.00
Mango Mousse $4.00
Pateis De Nata $4.00


Cappuccino $4.00
Espresso $1.90
Irish Coffee $5.25
Spanish Coffee $5.25
Coffee $2.00
Tea $2.00


Non-Alcoholic Beer $4.00
Bud Light $4.25
Budweiser $4.25
Sagres Bohemia $4.50
Sagres $4.50
Super Bock $4.50
Amstel Light $5.00
Corona $5.00
Heineken $5.00


Casal Garcia Verde $14.00
Aveleda $15.00
Quinta Aveleda $16.00
Aveleda Alvarinho $22.00
Muralhas $23.00


Vinha Da Palestra $15.00
Castello D’Alba White $24.00
Castello D’Alba Reserva $24.00
Quinta Da Padrela $26.00


Grao Vasco Red $14.00
Grao Vasco White $14.00
Cabriz Red $16.00
Folies Cardonnay/Maria Gomes $22.00
Alianca Particular $24.00
Grilos Red $26.00
Folies Cabernet/Touriga Nacional $28.00


Berco Do Infante $14.00
Quinta Da Romeira White “Arinto” Bucelas $21.00
Quinta De Sao Francisco $25.00


Monsaraz $18.00
Monte Velho White $18.00
Monte Velho Red $19.00
Esporao White $29.00

Terras Do Sado

Alianca Particular Palmela $22.00


Adega PT $14.00
Mateus Rose $14.00
Estrella White Zinfandel $14.00
Lancers $16.00


Alianca $20.00
Raposeira $27.00

Vinho Da Casa

Red/White/W.Z./Rose $4.50

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


Traditional Portuguese meal served in an inviting, old-fashioned setting.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.


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