Cafe Bargoos Menu and Prices updated 2021


Cafe Bargoos Menu

Cafe Bargoos Menu and Prices

Main Course


Stir-Fried Bargoos Red Noodles $8.99
Tropical Garden Cod $13.99
(choice of 1 side)
Shrimp and Chicken Linguine $9.99
Shrimp and Scallops Seafood Linguine $9.99
Stir-Fry Tofu with Assorted Vegetables $8.99
(served with fragrant rice of fried rice
Stir-Fry Portabella Mushrooms with Broccoli and Carrots $8.99
(served with fragrant rice of fried rice)
Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce $8.99
(choice of 2 sides)
Tropical Garden Chicken $11.99
(choice of 1 side)

Steak Lovers


8 oz Tenderloin $18.99
(certified Hereford 8 oz tenderloin, marinated with gin and herbs, sliced and served in skillet with choice of 2 sides)
12 oz Ribeye $18.99
(certified Hereford 12 oz Ribeye, marinated with gin and herbs, sliced and served in skillet with choice of 2 sides)
16 oz T-Bone $20.99
(16 oz t-bone, marinated with marsala and herbs, sliced and served with choice of 2 sides)
Sambal Steak Linguine $19.99
(8 oz Tenderloin marinated with spicy sambal chili, sliced and served with linguine)

Chef’s Recommendation


Grilled Tiger Prawn Kebab with Chicken Breast $17.99
(10 tiger prawns seasoned and grilled, served with grilled chicken breast and choice of 1 side)
1000 Layered Salmon Cake $29.99
(a tower of salmon, tiger prawns and calamari with 3 sauces, steamed and deep-fried, choice of 1 side)
Tom Yam Seafood Linguine $15.99
(tiger shrimps, scallops and calamari topped with creamy tom yam sauce over linguine)
Pan-Fried Marsala Chicken $11.99
(7 oz chicken breast pan-fried in sweet marsala wine and onions, choice of 2 sides)
Deep-Fried Orange Chicken $10.99
(cream cracker breaded chicken breast topped with bargoos orange sauce choice of 2 sides)
Tomatoes and Honey Cod $9.99
(deep-fried 8 oz breaded cod with special honey and tomato sauce and choice of 2 sides)
Teriyaki Salmon Linguine $12.99
(8 oz salmon, marinated with teriyaki sauce, served with linguine)
Mega Cheese Cod $13.99
(8 oz cod topped with 3 types of cheese, vegetables and tropical fruits, choice of 1 side)
Portabella Mushrooms and Chicken Linguine $13.99
(stir-fried chicken and portabella mushrooms, served with linguine)

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