Blue Nile Cafe Menu and Prices updated 2021


Blue Nile Cafe Menu

The Blue Nile Cafe is one of Kansas City’s favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants. That’s because a majority of our menu items are meat and dairy-free.

Food Preparation

Our food is prepared in a traditional Ethiopian method, where utensils used to prepare meat dishes are not used for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Blue Nile Cafe Menu and Prices



Sambussa $1.75
a pair of triangular dough shells filled with a variety of different stuffing’s and lightly deep fried in soybean oil to a golden perfection.
choice of chicken or beef.
choice of lentils, cabbage with potatoes, or collard greens with potatoes.
Shrimp Appetizer $6.50
large fresh shrimp sauteed in apple cider vinegar and fresh herbs. served with house pita chips.
Ethiopian Style Crisp $6.50
grilled chicken, vegetables, and cheese sandwiched between two flat pitas and baked crispy. served with spicy sauce for dipping.
Vegan Red Sea Hummus $4.99
house made garbanzo dip served with pita bread. drizzled with olive oil. add grilled chicken or beef $1.50. lamb $2.00.
Vegan Mixed Bean Plate $4.99
mixed beans cooked with red onions, tomatoes, garlic, and topped with feta cheese (optional). served with pita bread.
Vegan Floret Crunch $3.99
cauliflower lightly browned till crispy and drizzled with sesame seed dressing and served in a bed of lettuce.
Goat Cheese And Plantain $4.50
sliced plantain slightley fried with grilled goat cheese and touch of spicy fruit sauce.

West Of Red Sea Salads


Vegan Misir Azifa $3.50
pureed lentils mixed with finely chopped onions in a zesty dijon dressing.
Vegan Tomato Salad $3.50
diced tomatoes freshly tossed with a mix of finely chopped onions and greens chilies in a tangy dressing of lime juice.
Vegan Ethio Potato Salad $3.50
diced potatoes mixed with herbs and onions in blue nile’s vinaigrette dressing.
Vegan Kay Seer Salad $4.50
a mixture of chopped beets with potatoes in pureed chilies and onions in lime juice.
Vegan Timatim Fitfit $5.99
injera soaked in a tangy puree of tomatoes, onions, peppers, limejuice and vegetable oil. traditionally served cold.
Vegan Fruit Salad $6.50 – $8.50
a mix of succulent fresh fruits topped with shredded coconut and house made strawberry dressing.

East Of Red Sea Salads


Blue Nile Grilled Chicken Salad $7.99
grilled chicken breast pieces served on top of a freshly toosed salad of romaine lettuce, red onions, feta cheese, tomatoes, and calamata olives. served with blue nile’s herbal balsamic vinegar dress
Vegan Grilled Vegetable Salad $6.99
mixed vegetables grilled with garlic and cilantro, served over a bed of fresh romaine lettuce. drizzled with house balsamic vinegar dressing. (add grilled chicken for $2.00).
Vegan Falafel Salad $6.99
crispy fava bean croquettes served over a bed of fresh romaine lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and calomata olives. drizzled with house sesame seed dressing.
Mixed Greens Salad $6.99
spring mixed greens toosed with apricots, walnuts, tomatoes, and soft goat cheese drizzled with house balsamic vinegar dressing. add grilled chicken for $2.00.


Vegan Entrees

Add cup of soup $2.00. (Choose two additional vegan sides with each entree.).


Kik Alitcha $6.50
slightly pureed yellow split peas simmered in mild sauce of onions, herbs and spices.
Tikil Gomen $6.99
sliced cabbage with potato chunks, cooked with curry and herbs.
Misir Watt (Whole) $6.50
whole lentils are simmered in blue nile’s own mild turmeric and cumin sauce.
Kik Misir Watt (Split) $6.50
a traditional favorite of red lentils simmered with onions, garlic, ginger, and berebere (a blend of ethiopian spices).
Atkilt Watt $7.50
string beans, with sliced carrots and potato chunks, simered in tomato based sauce.
Gomen Watt $6.99
chopped collard greens are simmered in a mild garlic ginger sauce, herbs and spices.
Shuro Watt $6.50
sun dried, roasted, and then seasoned milled chickpeas cooked in berbere sauce.
Begerdan $7.50
eggplant cooked with bell peppers in tomatoes and onions with mild ethiopian spices and shredded coconut.
Dubba $6.99
yellow squash simmered with tomatoes and onions with ginger and oregano sauce.
Inguday $6.99
mushrooms simmered with fresh tomatoes in an ethiopian curried sauce.


Non Vegy Dishes

Add cup of soup for $1.99 extra.


Doro Watt $8.50
a drumstick and thing cooked to tenderness in a hot and thick berbere sauce, and served in ethiopian style with a hard-boiled egg.
Zilbo $8.25
tender morsels of beef sauteed with onions and garlic and simmered with collard greens in a specially seasoned mild sauce.
Zegeney $9.99
cubes of beef cooked to tenderness in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, and thick berbere sauce.
Blue Nile Tebbs $8.99
tender chopped lean beef, sauteed to perfection with onion, green chili, seasoned butter and herbs.
Creamy Curried Chicken $8.99
chicken breast simmered in Nile’s creamy curry sauce, seasoned with herbs and ethiopian cardamon. substitute shrimp, $2.00(shrimp watt).
Chicken Atkilt $8.99
chicken breast marinated in fresh herbs and spices, slowly grilled and sauteed with fresh mixed vegetables. substitute shrimp, $2.00 (shrimp atkilt).
Chicken Tebbs $8.99
chicken breast marinated in fresh herbs and spices, sauteed with onions, tomatoes, garlic, roasted peppers. substitute shrimp, $2.00 (shrimp tebbs).
Healthy Eater $10.25
chicken atkilt, chicken tebbs and two vegetable sides arranged on our large serving toy.


Ethio Combo

(Add cup of soup for $1.99 extra).


Blue Nile Messob $9.50
each, a dazzling array of blue nile tebbs, doro watt with your choice of 3 vegetarian sides, aranged on our large serving tray. served with injera.
Strictly Vegan Combo $8.50
each, a combination of your choice of 5 vegetarian dishes arranged on a platter, served with injera. add vegan salad for $0.50 extra.
Meat Lover’s Combo $12.50
each, a combination of lamb tebbs, shrimp watt, chicken tebbs, zegeney and gomment watt arranged on our large serving tray with injera. add any additional veggie for $2.00 each.
Create Your Owen Messob $4.50
choose from any of the non vegy dishes for, or your choice of Vegan dishes for $2.99. choose as many side as your like.
Extended Family Messob $45.50
a combination of shrimp watt, chicken tebbs, lamb tebbs, beef watt (zegeny) and three vegetable sides of your choice arranged on our large serving tray with injera. serves 4 – 5 people.


West Of Red Sea Specials

(Add cup of soup for $1.99 extra.)


Lamb Fitfit $13.50
juicy tender leg of lamb slow braised with onions, garlic, tomatoes, ethiopian herbs and spices, served over. couscous or injer.
Gored Gored $10.99
morsels of choice lean beef dipped in a traditional souce of milled pepper thickened with aromatic buttery spiced sauce traditionally served raw or very rare.
Kitfo $10.99
freshly minced, very lean choice beef mixed with mitmita and spcied butter. served like steak tartar raw or rare.
Yebeg Tebbs (Lamb) $12.99
slices of lean lamb sauteed with onions, green chilies and tomatoes in ethiopian herbs and spices.
Bazerua Shurro $8.50
cubes of lean beef simmered in blue nile’s seasoned milled chickpeas.


Eas Of Red See Special

(Add cup of soup for $1.99 extra).


Grilled Chicken Plate $9.99
grilled chicken breast over brown rice served with, spiced yogurt and house salad.
Vegan Falafel Plate $8.50
crispy fava bean served over a bed of salad with calamata olive side of hummus dizzled with house sesame seed dressing.
Vegan Lentil Plate $7.99
lentils cooked with cumin and garlic, are served over a bed of brown rice and topped with crispy fried red onions. served with a side of hummus, pita bread and house salad.
Grilled Chicken Vegy Plate $9.99
grilled chicken breast served with steamed or grilled vegetables and a side of pita bread, hummus and house salad.
Vegan Vegy Plate $8.50
grilled or steamed vegetables served with side of mixed beans on rice, served with house salad.



Brown Rice $1.99
Spiced yogurt $1.50
Red Sea Hummus $1.99
Injera $1.00
Chutney $0.65
Mixed Beans $2.99
Rosemary Potatoes $2.99
Steamed, Sauteed Mixed Veggies $3.99


Vegan Ethio Coffee Cake $3.00
biscuits dipped with ethiopian coffee are lined with layers of non – dairy cream and topped with crystal caramel and almonds, choose between strawberry or orange flavored.
Fresh Mango Cheese Cake $4.00
fresh mangoes mixed with cream choose over a golden crumbled honey cookie crust.



Ethiopian Coffee $2.00
Espresso $1.25 – $2.00
Milk $1.85
Chocolate Milk $2.25
Soy Milk $2.50
Hot Chocolate $2.50
Specialty Coffees And Drinks $3.50
your choice from cappuccinos, chai mattes, macchiatos or special order. substitute organic soy milk for $1.00 extra.
Freshly Squeezed Juices $3.50
orange, carrot, apple.
Bottled Juice $2.00
mango, guava.
Sodas $1.75
pepsi, diet pepsi, raspberry tea, sierra mist, dr. pepper, gaterade, pink lemonade, bottled water.
House Brewed Ice Tea $2.00
House Rose Water Lemonade $2.00

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