Big Foot Lodge Menu and Prices updated 2021


Big Foot Lodge Menu

Big Foot Lodge Menu and Prices

Soup and Salads

with fresh made dressings: blue Cheese, honey mustard, dill ranch, thousand Islands, BBQ ranch, and Asian sesame ginger, plus Italian and fat free sun dried tomato basil vinaigrette


Southwestern Salad $7.99
crisp greens with tomato, corn, black beans, sweet and spicy pecans, cilantro sour cream, cheese, and tortilla strips, all tossed in our mexi-ranch dressing then topped with your choice of fried or g
Chef’s Salad $7.99
fresh mixed greens with rolls of Turkey and ham, bacon, egg, onion, mushrooms, tomato, shredded cheese, and your choice of dressing
Soup of the Day $2.99 – $4.99
your server will let you know as we really do change it up every day
Campfire Cobb $7.99
a delectable blend of fresh greens topped with grilled chicken, egg, onion, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, and tomato all piled high with your choice of dressing
Log House Salad $4.99
fresh greens served with tomato, cheese, and your choice of dressing
Asian Egg Roll Salad $7.99
our BBQ egg rolls, fresh greens, cabbage and carrots all tossed in an Asian sesame ginger dressing, topped with crispy won-ton wrappers



Fried Dill Pickles $4.99
hand cut pickles deep fried in our own crispy batter served with a side of honey mustard sauce
Corn Brat $4.99
big foot’s bratwurst version of the classic corn dog cooked to order and served with ketchup and golden BBQ sauce
Onion Rings $3.99
a mound of onion rings fit for even bigfoot served with a side of BBQ sauce
Chicken Wings $5.99 – $19.99
a heaping helping of wings covered in the sauce of your choice – BBQ, Golden BBQ, medium, hot or holy smoke, served with our ranch dill dipping sauce and available in 12, 24, or 50 pieces. Served wit
Big Foot Tenders $5.99
chicken tenders hand battered and cooked to a crispy golden brown, served with our hand-cut fries and a side of BBQ Ranch
Big Foot Buffalo Tenders $5.99
chicken tenders hand battered piled high and covered in the sauce of your choice BBQ, Golden BBQ, medium, hot, or holy smoke!, served with our ranch dill dipping sauce and served with our hand-cut fr
Fried Green Tomatoes $5.49
a simple southern classic served with a side of mustard remoulade. Say no more
Poutine-Pooh-Tin $5.49
from the back-woods of quebec, Canada, a delightfully unique cheese over a heaping portion of our hand cut fries and smothered in our special gravy
BBQ Nachos $6.99
a hearty helping of fresh tortilla chips, covered in shredded cheese, BBQ pork shoulder, and topped with cilantro sour cream, BBQ beans, jalapenos, with cilantro sour cream, BBQ beans, jalapenos,toma
Garlic Bread $3.99
big foot style, smothered in cheese and bacon
BBQ Egg Rolls $5.99
an Asian favorite with a big foot twist. Our BBQ and slaw wrapped tight and fried crispy golden brown



please let us know if you are allergic to nuts


S’Mores $5.99
a campfire favorite that you can do right at the table: marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate
The Yeti $14.99
the dessert to end all desserts: a whopping 18 scoops of ice cream decorated with tons of toppings
Nanaimo Bar – Na-Nye-Mo $3.99
a truly Canadian dessert with three layers of chocolate, coconut, walnut, graham crackers, and vanilla, one word, rich

Skillet Desserts


Deep Dish Cookie A La Mode $5.99
a huge cookie baked perfectly in its own skillet and served a la mode, your choice of either chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal raisin
Peach Cobbler A La Mode $5.99
peaches serenaded with sugar and cinnamon
Apple Cobbler A La Mode $5.99
granny smith apples teamed up with cinnamon and sugar


Main Course

all entrees come with two sides of your choice unless specified


Side Salad with Main Course $1.99
Deep Fried Cornish Hen $7.99 – $15.99
cornish hen injected with cajun butter and specially seasoned then deep-fried to order
Glenna’s Meatloaf $11.99
you get your own individual meatloaves smothered in a zesty sauce
Fresh Whole Maine Lobster $19.99
fresh from our tank, we cook it and you crack it and of course it comes with a bib and butter
Surf and Turf For Two $34.99
8oz of prime rib and half a lobster each with your choice of two sides all for one low price
Prime Rib $12.99 – $15.99
prime rib loin covered in our special spice rub, slow cooked, and cut to order 12oz or 16oz, served with au jus and horseradish sauce
Fish ‘N’ Chips $9.99
two generous fillets of cod hand dipped in our English beer batter served with fresh hand-cut fries and another side of your choice
Catfish Plate-U.S. Farm Raised $9.99
“the salmon of the south” breaded in cornmeal and deep-fried
Grilled Marinated Chicken $11.99
two boneless chicken breasts, marinated in a zesty blend of citrus and spices, then carefully grilled to order
Steak and Fries $18.99
a hand-cut 20oz rib eye grilled to perfection with our hand-cut fries and your choice of side



all sandwiches served with fries and coleslaw unless specified


Prime Rib Sandwich $9.49
8ozs of succulent shaved prime rib dipped in au jus served piping hot on a toasted bun, with a side of horseradish sauce or au jus
Kathy’s BL ‘FG’ T $6.99
the ‘fg’ stands for fried green tomatoes that complement this classic BLT
Fried Ham and Cheese $6.99
American cheese sandwiched between slices of honey baked ham then battered and deep fried
Grilled Chicken $6.99
specially seasoned grilled chicken served atop a toasted bun with choice of cheese, cheddar, Swiss, American, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles
Buffalo Chicken $7.99
a hand breaded chicken breast fried golden brown then tossed in the sauce of your choice, BBQ, golden BBQ, medium, hot or holy smoke, served on a bun with blue cheese dressing then topped withlettuce
Bratwurst $7.99
2 bratwursts, grilled to perfection, served with onions and peppers on a fresh toasted roll with a side of creole mustard
Big Foot Club $6.99
a classic club stacked high with layers of smoked ham, juicy Turkey, sizzling bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and American and Swiss cheese
BBQ Pork $6.99
tender smoked shoulder heaped on a fresh toasted bun topped with slaw and a side of beans
Low-Cal Plate $5.99
hamburger patty, peaches, cottage cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices
Glenna’s Meatloaf $6.99
our mouth-watering meatloaf sliced and piled high topped with a zesty sauce, served cold just like home
Catfish-U.S. Farm Raised $7.99
a boneless fillet breaded in cornmeal and deep-fried served on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato



all burgurs are served with fries, lettuce,onion, tomato, and pickles add cheese $0.50 add bacon $0.50 add sauteed mushrooms $.0.50 add double meat $2.99


Bacon and Blue Cheese Burger $7.49
crisp bacon and aged blue cheese melted over top
Hamburger $5.99
8oz of hand pattied beef cooked to your liking, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle
Veggie Burger $6.99
two charbroiled vegetable patties served on a toasted bun
Mushroom Swiss Burger $6.99
Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms
Four Cheese Burger $6.99
American, Swiss, jack, and cheddar cheese
The Sasquatch $19.99
4 pounds of pure beef, on a fresh baked bun, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and cheese



Vegetable of The Day $1.49
Side of The Day $1.49
Kris’ Cheesy Corn $1.49
Coleslaw $0.99
Baked Beans $1.49
French Fries $0.99
Sweet Potato Fries $1.49
Cucumber Salad $1.49



Root Beer or Cola Float $3.99
Peppsi $1.79
free refills
Diet Pepsi $1.79
free refills
Dr. Pepper $1.79
free refills
Sierra Mist $1.79
free refills
Lemonade $1.79
free refills
Coffee $1.49
free refills
Hot Tea $1.49
free refills
Iced Tea $1.49
free refills
Red Bull $4.00
Red Bull sugar-Free $4.00

Signature Drinks


Big Foot Beer $3.99 – $6.50

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