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bibim Menu 

Bibimbap is just approximately a century old, although it originates from Goldongban, a meal containing the same concept (a bowl of rice with veggies, meat and sauce mixed together), which is considerably older, appearing somewhere during the Joseon Period (14th-16th centuries) (14th-16th centuries). Goldongban had a ceremonial, and potluck, component to it. The term bibim refers to combining rice (burned rice at the base of the dish with cooked rice). It certainly provides a balance between all three macro nutrients, which translates into an appropriate calorie range. Bibimbap is a nutritious food. A wide range of pickled vegetables can also be found with several different micronutrients such as fibre and safety.

bibim Menu and Prices:



Hot Fish Cakes $8.50
fish cakes in hot soup
Skewered Rice Cakes $4.00
skewered crunchy and sticky rice cakes in spicy sauce
Fried Sweet Potatoes $6.00
Fried Calamari $8.50
Soondae $9.50
korean style pork sausage filled with potato vermicelli noodles and rice
Seafood Scallion Pancake $9.50
crispy pancake with various seafood and scallions
Kimchi Pancake $8.50
crispy pancake with spicy kimchi
Fried Dumpling $7.50
Veggie Mixed Dumplings $9.50

Kimbap Rolls


Regular $6.50
rice rolled in seaweed with various vegetables
Kimchi Cheese $7.00
Tuna $7.00
Beef Bulgogi $7.50
Flying Fish Roe $7.50
Spicy Tuna $7.50


Dduk Boki

Add Noodles: Ramon $2, Jjoimyun $3, Udon Noodles $9, Potato Noodles $2. Toppings: Kimmari $3, Mozzarella Cheese $3, Don Katsu $5.


Regular $9.00
steamed rice cakes in sweet and spicy sauce with various vegetables
Beef Bulgogi $13.00
Pork $12.00
Seafood $13.00


Fried Chicken

Sm $10 / Lg $15.


Chili Garlic Or Sweet Soy


Kalguksoo $9.50
knife-cut wheat flour noodles in hot broth
Jjolmyun $9.00
cold, chewy noodles with vegetables served with spicy chili pasta
Dumpling Soup $11.00
hot dumpling soup



Regular $11.50
rice topped with seasoned vegetables, marinated beef and a fried egg served with chili paste
Flying Fish Roe $13.50
Kimchi Flying Fish Roe Stone Pot $16.50
Barbecued Eel $16.50
Stone Pot $2.00
served in sizzling hot stone pot

Fried Rice


Kimchi Bulgogi $12.00
Shrimp $11.00
Omelette $11.00
with ham

Off The Grill


Kalbi $17.50
beef ribs marinated in house special sauce
Bulgogi $14.00
thin slices of beef marinated in sweetened soy sauce
Pork Bulgogi $13.00
thin slices of pork marinated in spicy and sweet sauce
Tofu Kimchi Pan Fried Pork $14.00
Squid & Pork Belly Bulgogi $15.00
calamari and sliced pork belly marinated in spicy sauce
Chicken Kalbi $14.50
chicken and sweet potato marinated in spicy house sauce
Pan Fried Spicy Squid $13.00
Pan Fried Spicy Soondae $13.50
Bossam $17.00
steamed pork assorted with condiments

Don Katsu


Regular $10.50
crispy fried pork cutlet
Veggie Mix $12.50
topped with shredded vegetables and sauce
Mozzarella Cheese $12.50
Curry $12.50



Soft Tofu Stew $11.00
spicy soft tofu, stew with a choice from seafood, mushrooms, or beef
Mushroom Bulgogi Stew $14.00
hot bulgogi stew with mushrooms and rice cakes
Kimchi Stew $11.00
spicy kimchi stew with vegetables, spam ham, tofu and pork
Budge Stew $13.00
“army stew” spicy stew with sausages, ham, ramen, and vegetables
Daegu Stew $13.50
spicy codfish stew with vegetables and tofu
Kalbi Stew $14.50
stew made from beef short ribs with eggs and potato noodles.
Yook Gae Stew $12.00
spicy stew with shredded beef, scallions, bean sprouts, bracken farm and sweet potato noodles

Special Dishes


Jjim Dak $28.50
chicken braised in sweet soy sauce with vegetable and potato noodle
Bossam $17.00
steamed pork assorted with condiments

Desserts & Drinks


Ice Cream $4.00
red bean, green lea, vanilla
Red Bean Shaved Ice $7.00
mochi, ice cream and syrup
Soda $2.00
coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale
Soda $2.00
side of rice

Bubble Teas


Milk Tea Strawberries $3.50
milk tea, green tea, taro multi-grain.
Fresh Fruit Smoothies $4.00
strawberry, kiwi, strawberry-banana, kiwi banana


Beverages $1.50

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