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Beacon Hills Menu

Our restaurant menu features a wide variety of chef-inspired, homemade American Cuisine dishes. Start out with an appetizer from our Appetizer selections. Enjoy one of our Signature Salads before trying one of the Beacon Hills Originals entrees. Finish up with our Delicious Desserts.

Beacon Hills Menu and Prices

Signature Tossed Salads

Choose from our handcrafted dressings: Strawberry vinaigrette, bleu cheese vinaigrette, citrus vinaigrette, creamy bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard vinaigrette, italian, caesar, french or 1000 island
The Salad We Had Gail’s House $13.99
Mixed greens, crumbled bleu cheese, walnuts, sun-dried strawberries and grilled sirloin strips. Served with a dinner roll.
Strawberry Salmon Spinach $13.99
Grilled salmon atop fresh spinach leaves with strawberries, red and green onion, hard-boiled egg, mushroom and beacon hills croutons. Served with a dinner roll.
Classic Chicken Caesar $11.99
Crispy romaine with broiled chicken, romano cheese, black olive, roasted tomatoes, onion and hard-boiled egg. Served with a dinner roll.
Citrus Chicken Salad $10.99
Mixed greens, seasonal fruits, white cheddar cheese, grilled chicken and almonds tossed in our citrus dressing. Served with a dinner roll.
Asian Chicken Salad $12.99
Mixed greens, orange slices, red peppers and snow peas tossed in asian dressing, topped with crispy-fried chicken tenders dipped in peanut sauce. Served with mini egg rolls.
Southwestern Ranch Taco Salad $8.99
Mixed greens, taco meat, crisp taco shell pieces, diced tomatoes, green onions and pepper jack cheese tossed in our homemade southwest ranch dressing topped with sour cream and black olives. Served w
Broccoli Beef Salad $12.99
Mixed greens, sauteed beef strips, fresh broccoli, snow peas, red pepper, green onion and fried rice tossed in asian dressing. Served with mini egg rolls.


Served with choice of side.
Classic Reuben $10.99
Corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing and swiss cheese on a grilled rye bread.
Triple Decker Club $9.99
Ham, bacon, turkey, tomato, american cheese and lettuce on toasted marble bread.
The Prime Time $11.99
Slow-roasted, herb-coated prime rib with caramelized onion, mushroom, swiss cheese and horseradish sauce on grilled ciabatta bread.
Parmesan Chicken Breast $8.99
Crispy fried chicken breast dredged in parmesan cheese and spices served on a fresh baked bun with marinara sauce.
Classic BLT $8.49
Five strips of bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise on toasted white bread.
Beacon Hills Macaroni & Cheese Melt $7.99
Our creamiest macaroni and cheese on grilled sourdough bread.
Intalian Meatball Hoagie $9.99
Marinara meatballs with onion, red and green peppers and mushrooms with ramano and mozzarella on grilled garlic-buttered hoagie.


Char-broiled 1/2 pound beef patties, served with choice of side.
Beacon Hills Burger $8.99
Choice of havarti, monterey jack, white cheddar, swiss or american cheeses on fresh baked bun.
Onion Burger $10.99
Caramelized onions and straw onions with creamy onion spread.
Fiesta Burger $10.99
Grilled tortilla bun with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno, pico de gallo and red pepper jam.
Cheesburger Wrap $10.99
Bacon, lettuce., tomato, onion and pickel with secret sauce in a grilled garlic tortilla.
Our Favorite Burger $10.99
White cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and jammin bbq sauce on fresh baked bun

Delightful Bites

Beacon Hills Crab Cakes $9.99
Parmesan Spinach Artichoke Dip $8.49
Served warm with homemade flatbread crisps.
Crab Rangoons $9.49
Made fresh in our kitchen.
Crispy Chicken Drummies $9.99
Golden fried drummies, served with jammin bbq sauce.
Skewered Meatballs $9.99
Italian spiced meatballs, served with marinara and BBQ sauce.
Onion Straw Basket $8.99
Served with sour cream onion dip.
Chicken Strips $9.99
Six crispy fried chicken breast strips dipped in panko breading and served with red pepper jam.
Combo Platter $12.99
Chicken strips, crab rangoons, spinach artichoke dip and crab cakes.

Beacon Hills Orginals

Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie $9.99
Flaky pastry shell overflowing with chicken, potatoes and vegetables in a creamy white sauce.
Liz’s Lasagna $11.99
Pasta layered with four cheeses, italian sausage and marinara sauce served with garlic bread.
Hot Beef Sandwich $9.99
Yukon gold cheesy potatoes, slow-cooked pot roast smothered with our homemade gravy.
Yankee Pot Roast Stroganoff $10.99
Slow-cooked pot roast, oven-roasted potatoes, carrots and onions atop egg noodles with our savory homemade beef gravy. served with a dinner roll.
Burt County Meatloaf $10.99
Mini meatloaf with yukon gold cheesy mashed potatoes and beef gravy, peas and carrots. Served with a dinner roll.
The German Platter $10.99
Smoked kielbasa with seasoned sauerkraut and hot german potato salad. Served with a dinner roll.
Fresh Salmon Filet $18.99
Grilled, blackened or broiled and served with choice of two sides. Served with a dinner roll.
Blackened Salmon Alfredo $16.99
Seasoned salmon with mushroom, tomato, onion, spinach and basil atop a parmesan cream sauce with penne pasta. Served with garlic bread.
Beacon Hills Crab Cake Platter $13.99
Served with choice of two sides. Served with a dinner roll.
Asian Peanut Chicken $12.99
Breaded chicken tenders dipped in our peanut sauce, served on fried vegetable rice with an egg roll.
Chicken Pasta Carbonara $12.99
Grilled chicken with sweet peas, crisp bacon and tomatoes tossed in a creamy romano penne pasta with garlic bread.
Red Jammin Chicken Breast $12.99
Broiled chicken breast glazed with our red pepper jam and topped with sauteed peppers and onions. Served with choice of two sides. Served with a dinner roll.
Pepper Jack Chicken Pasta $12.99
Broiled chicken bread atop penne pasta tossed with creamy pepper jack sauce. Served with garlic bread.
Parmesan Chicken $13.99
Parmesan breaded chicken breast with marinara sauce. Served with choice of two sides. Served with a dinner roll.

The Baskets

Served with seasoned french fries and beacon hills tangy vinaigrette coleslaw.
Salmon Basket $10.99
Five pieces of fresh salmon dipped in tempura batter and fried to succulent perfection served with red pepper mayonnaise.
Crab Cake Basket $10.99
Six golden-brown mini cakes served with red pepper mayonnaise.
Catfish Basket $10.99
Three thick and juicy fillets seasoned with our own panko bread crumbs served with tartar sauce.
Chicken Tender Basket $10.99
Four all-white chicken breast strips seasoned with our own panko bread crumbs and jammin bbq sauce.
Fried Shrimp Basket $10.99
Five large gulf shrimp dredged in panko bread crumbs and golden fried served with cocktail sauce.

Flatbread Pizzas

Hand-crafted, oven-baked flatbread topped with only the freshest ingredients
Prime Rib $12.99
Slow-roasted prime rib, garlic, bleu cheese, mozzarella and romano cheeses, tomato, green pepper, caramelized onions and bacon.
Italian Sausage $12.99
Italian sausage, marinara, onion, mushroom, roasted garlic, mozzarella and romano cheeses.
Roasted Tomato Artichoke $12.99
Artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, romano, feta and mozzarella cheeses, fresh basil, onions and garlic cream sauce.
Southwest Taco $12.99
Spicy taco meat and southwestern cream sauce with pepper jack cheese, green onion, black olive, pico de gallo and sour cream.
Craig’s Cheese Burger $12.99
Broiled ground beef, crispy bacon, tomaotes, onion, dill pickle and smothered with american cheese.


Sirloin Steak $15.99
Craig’s Mustard Sirloin $16.99
Marinated steak broiled to perfection and topped with our garlic mustard sauce.
Bleu Cheese Sirloin $17.99
Topped with crumbled bleu cheese and walnuts, drizzled with honey mustard vinaigrette.
Herb-Coated Prime Rib $16.99 – $18.99
Slow-roasted all day.


French Fries $2.99
Cole Slaw $1.99
Hot German Potato Salad $2.99
Mixed Greens Side Salad $3.99
Soup $3.99 – $5.99
Fresh Fruit Cup $2.99
Baked Potato $2.49
Macaroni & Cheese $2.49
Yucon Gold Cheesy Potatoes $2.49
Vegetable Fried Rice $2.49
Fresh Vegetable of the Day $2.49


Caramel Bread Pudding $4.99
Served warm, topped with cream and drizzled with more caramel sauce.
Elizabeth’s Decadent Devil Cake $4.99
Delectable chocolate cake baked with caramel and toffee, topped with real whipped cream, toffee, caramel and chocolate sauce.
Carrot Cake $4.99
Traditional carrot cake, topped with cream cheese frosting and walnuts.
Buttermilk Pie $4.99
Served with warm blueberry sauce. Silky and sweet
The Ultimate Beacon Hills Brownie Sundae $4.99
Ice cream, brownie, chocolate and caramel sauce, toffee bits, topped with a cherry.


Pepsi $2.49
Assorted Juices $2.49
Paradise Blend Iced Tea $2.49
Hot Teas $2.49
Lemonade $2.49
2% Milk $2.49
Cafe Royale Columbian Coffee $2.49

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