Auntie Anne’s Menu and Prices updated 2021


Auntie Anne’s Menu:

In 1988, Auntie Anne started to buy a stand in a farmers’ market in Pennsylvania when Anne Beiler acquired a booth. “Auntie” Anne produced a masterpiece, the same new baked deliciousness that you know today and adore.Auntie Anne’s was started in 1988 by Anne F. Beiler and Jonas, her husband, as a US network of pretzel companies. Auntie Anne’s provides items including jellyfish, dips and drinks. Pretzels & More home-made baked mix is also available.This fascinating aroma is not just a joyful by-product of pretzel baking, but a planned marketing technique by many food suppliers to keep you in line in the store. So, it’s because you’re satisfied with the instant need which arises from that Auntie Anne’s odour, that pretzel is probably so amazing.



Auntie Anne’s Menu and Prices:


Includes Dipping Sauce
Original Pretzel & Soda Combo $5.79
Mini Pretzel Dogs & Frozen Lemonade Mixer Combo $7.59
Pepperoni Pretzel & Lemonade Mixer Combo $6.79
Pretzel Dog & Soda Combo $5.79
Sweet Almond Pretzel & Soda Combo $5.39
Pretzel Nuggets & Lemonade Mixer Combo $6.99

Specialty Pretzels

Pretzel Dog $3.39
Mini Pretzel Dog $3.99
8 Pc.
Mini Pretzel Dog $4.99
12 Pc.
Pepperoni Pretzel $3.49
Original Pretzel Nuggets $3.69
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets $3.69

Signature Pretzels

Original Pretzel $2.09
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel $2.99
Jalapeno Pretzel $2.99
Sweet Almond Pretzel $2.99
Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel $2.99
Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Pretzel $2.99
Raisin Pretzel $2.99


Melted Cheese Dip $0.79
Caramel Dip $0.71
Cheese Dip $0.71
Hot Salsa Cheese Dip $0.71
Light Cream Cheese Dip $0.71
Marinara Dip $0.71
Sweet Glaze Dip $0.71
Sweet Mustard Dip $0.71


Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry & Peach) $2.59
Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry & Peach) $2.79
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango & Strawberry) $2.89
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango & Strawberry) $2.99
Old Fashioned Lemonade $2.19
Old Fashioned Lemonade $2.39
Coca-Cola Products $1.69
Coca-Cola Products $1.99
Coca-Cola Products $1.89
Water $1.79

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


“Go Light your world, lead by example, invest in employed people, give free, honour, God, and treat all business relations with respect,” the original mission statement to the employees of AunteAnne recommended. Every Monday at work, employees were able to join in the prayer period throughout Beiler’s term as owner.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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