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Angelica Kitchen Menu

For over 40 years, the historic Angelica Kitchen has been serving freshwatering, seedlings in New York City to ten thousands of clients. The famous work explores the ideas and philosophies of use and offers tasty, balanced, nutritious and cheap food from the heart.Angélica Kitchen, a rather traditional vegan coffee shop with both vegan and macrobial menus, was in the beginning of the decades. The dragon’s bowl, a large stack of rice, vegetables, boasts, seaweeds and salad greens in a bowl decorated with a dragon at the bottom were typical of its approach, indeed its most renowned dish.

Angelica Kitchen Menu and Prices:



Warm Vegetable Salad. $13.50
A seasonal mix of grilled & roasted vegetables tossed in rosemary balsamic vinaigrette. Served on a bed of arugula with garlic crostini spread with creamy hummus.
Kale $11.00
Chiffonade of kale with miso marinated tofu feta, diced sun-dried tomatoes & toasted walnuts; dressed with olive oil, lemon & garlic.
Mixed Sprout $10.50
A refreshing toss of snow pea shoots, sunflower sprouts & seeds and mint; mixed with cabbage, daikon, carrots & watercress in a cool mint vinaigrette. Adorned with toasted peanuts and sprouts of onio
Si Se Puede $12.00
Balsamic marinated beets & basil-olive seasoned chickpeas, over local greens. Tossed with olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice. Accompanied by garlic crostini topped with tofu ricotta.
Avocado & Kimchee $11.00
Melange of seasonal greens & watercress tossed with homemade kimchee, nori strips & extra virgin olive oil; topped with avocado & radish slices.

Soups, Starters & Sides


Miso Soup $4.50 – $5.50
Served with wakame and tofu.
Soup of The Day $4.50 – $5.50
Full House Bowl $9.00
Miso soup or soup of the day ladled over lemon-garlic marinated kale; garnished with nori strips.
Guacamole $8.00
Traditional, with a hint of jalapeno heat. Served with blue corn and white corn chips.
Kombu Vegetable Bouillon $3.00
A warm invigorating cup of broth, rich in minerals, delicately seasoned with ginger, sage & thyme.
Soba Sensation $8.00
Rich, velvety sesame sauce ladled over soba noodles, topped with pickled red cabbage garnish.
Curried Cashew Spread $6.50
An intriguing live blend of raw cashews, sprouted chickpeas, freshly ground curry powder & unpasteurized miso. Accompanied by crisp crudites.
Hummus $6.50
Served with baked zahtar pita wedges and crisp crudites.
Norimaki $10.00
Six pieces of rolled vegetable sushi, served with wasabi, pickled ginger & lemon-tamari dipping sauce.
Angelica Pickle Plate $5.00
Chipotle carrots, marinated beets, garlic shiitake and pickled seasonal vegetables.
Kinpira $6.50
Rich mix of oven-roasted burdock, carrots & ginger in a teriyaki glaze, tossed with hiziki & arame.
Kimchee $4.50
Homemade, mild style, tangy fermented cabbage with carrot, daikon & jalapeno pepper.
Ruby Kraut $3.75
Home-made red cabbage sauerkraut.
Walnut – Lentil Pate $9.00
Served with tofu sour cream, rice crackers & crisp crudites.
Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes $7.50
Served with brown rice gravy.
Avocado $3.00
One half



Thai Coconut Lemongrass Curry $16.50
Delicate, aromatic sauce enveloping a daily variety of grilled and roasted vegetables. Accompanied by roasted chickpeas & ginger–garlic jasmine rice.
Dashi And Noodles $11.00
Bowl of traditional japanese broth made with shiitake mushrooms, kombu, fresh ginger & shoyu served warm or cool over soba noodles. Adorned with chef’s select garnishes.
Three Bean Chili $11.00 – $15.00
Style cornbread piquant chili made with kidney and pinto beans & lentils slowly simmered with sun-dried tomatoes and a blend of chiles topped with lime jalapeno tofu sour cream. Served with butternut
Ole Man Seitan $16.50
Homemade seitan & roasted vegetable mix folded into a warm whole wheat tortilla; dressed with spicy traditional mole sauce peanuts, almonds, & chocolate & lime-jalapeno tofu sour cream; garnished wit
Norimaki $14.00
Nine pieces of rolled vegetable sushi, served with wasabi, pickled ginger & lemon-tamari dipping sauce.
Daily Seasonal Specials $21.00
A la carte $18.00. Served with a choice of two basics or a cup of soup



Hot Open Face Tempeh Sandwich $12.00
Sliced of sourdough baguette topped with lightly marinated and baked tempeh, napped with savory gravy. Served on a bed of raw spinach, garnished with ruby kraut.
A Wrap $12.00
Delicate strands of raw zucchini, daikon & carrots, folded in a soft whole wheat tortilla with balsamic marinated beets, creamy hummus, dill pickles, sunflower sprouts, arugula & a touch of house hot
Marinated Tofu Sandwiches – Old School $12.00
Lemon herbed baked tofu layered with roasted vegetables, a smear of parsley-almond pesto & lettuce. Served on choice of mixed grain or spelt bread.
Marinated Tofu Sandwich – New School $13.00
hot sauce Same as old school with added avocado, marinated kale & house made.
Tempeh Reuben Sandwich $12.00
Our version of this classic features baked marinated tempeh, seasoned with caraway & cumin, tofu Russian dressing, sauerkraut & lettuce. Served on choice of mixed grain or spelt bread.
Lunch Deal $12.50
tea. Half a marinated tofu or tempeh reuben sandwich, with a simple salad or a cup of soup, & a choice of kukicha, mu 16 or green.
Hot Open Face Tempeh Sandwich with a Scoop of Mashed Potatoes $15.00
Sliced of sourdough baguette topped with lightly marinated and baked tempeh, napped with savory gravy. Served on a bed of raw spinach, garnished with ruby kraut.

Dragon Bowls


Dragon Bowls $16.00
Rice, beans, tofu, sea vegetables & steamed vegetables; served with your choice of dressing.
Dragon Bargain $21.00
A dragon bowl served with cup of soup and bread with spread.
Wee Dragon $12.00
A Dragon Bowl in half portion.
Wee Dragon Bargain $17.00
A half Dragon served with cup of soup and bread with spread.

Combo bowls


Combo bowls $8.50 – $14.00



Served with your choice of dressing


Tofu $4.50
Tempeh $5.00
Beans $4.25
Sea Vegetables $5.00
3 Grain Mix $5.00
Millet, amaranth and teff.
Simple Salad $5.50
Soba Noodles $5.00
Rice $3.50
Steamed Vegetables $5.00

Pantry Plates


Assorted Seasonal Pickled Vegetables $9.00 – $14.00
Baked Marinated Tofu $9.00 – $14.00
Walnut-Lentil Pate $9.00 – $14.00
Today’s Special Vegetable $9.00 – $14.00
Norimaki $9.00 – $14.00
Kinpira Salad $9.00 – $14.00
Guacamole $9.00 – $14.00
Baked Marinated Tempeh $9.00 – $14.00
Hummus $9.00 – $14.00
Hummus $9.00 – $14.00
Today’s Salad Special $9.00 – $14.00
Ruby Kraut $9.00 – $14.00
Live Curried Cashew Spread $9.00 – $14.00
Kimchee $9.00 – $14.00
Garlic Lemon Marinated Kale $9.00 – $11.50

Dressing & sauces


House $1.50
Parsley, scallions, tahini & umeboshi puree.
Black Sesame $1.50
Served with wasabi, garlic & toasted sesame oil.
Balsamic Vinaigreete $1.50
Balsamic vinegar, olive oil & mustard
Creamy Carrot $1.50
Served with ginger & dill
Brown Rice Gravy $1.50
Brown rice flour roux with a savory blend of herbs, spices & tamari.
Soba sensation sauce $2.50
Rich, velvety sesame sauce.

Breads & Spreads


Angelica Cornbread $3.00
Rustic, whole grain slice.
Sourdough Bread $2.50
Authentic tangy whole wheat slice.
Southern Style Cornbread $4.25
Generous square, light & fluffy,wheat.
Miso-Tahini Spread $3.00
Rich & smooth.
Ginger-Carrot Spread $2.50
Light & bright.



Juice – Carrot $7.50
Juice – Carrot, Apple $8.00
Juice – Carrot, mxed vegetable $9.00
Juice – Lemonade $4.00
Juice – Hot Mulled Cider $3.75
Juice -Apple Cider Chilled $3.25
Juice – The Elixir $4.25
Cool mix of green tea, apple cider, cider vinegar and lemon wedge.
Equal Exchange Coffee $1.75
Hot $2.50
Cranberte $4.00
Chai $4.00
Black tea, chai spices & soymily. Sweetened with agave nectar chai tea $1.75.
Green Tea $2.00
Kukicha Tea $2.00
Peppermint Rooibos Tea $2.00

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


Our goal was to establish a cuisine that addresses the problems of Kosher cuisine and offers a level of environment, food and wine that would satisfy all of our clients. We opened the Shatz St. eatery originally and inspired its name.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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