Alonti Menu and Prices updated 2021


Alonti Menu and Prices

Alonti Catering Kitchen is a pioneer in commercial catering with a strong emphasis on quality and convenience. Our heritage is derived from the gourmet food chains created in the early 20th century by the Pepi family in New York. Alonti has continually developed new technologies from the old world to the new world to adapt them to the growing requirements of our clients. Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States CEO: Al Pepi Jr. (1991–) Founded: 1974, Houston, Texas, United States Founders: Al Pepi, Cecile Pepi The first alonti sandwich gourmet shop was founded in his new home town of Houston by Al and Cecile Pepi, career veterans of the New York Gourmet Gourmet Store.

For lunch meetings, customers begin to ask for deliciously delivered sandwiches to their offices. We deliver. We deliver. Catering Alonti has been born. In the next five years, ten new cafeterias will open around Houston. In Dallas – our first outside of Houston – we are opening a new café. Our catering menu includes breakfast dishes.

Our first outside Texas is to open a new caffe location in Chicago. Our increasing catering offering includes hot breakfasts and hot lunches. Our catering volume is not enough to accommodate increased orders in our retail cafés. The first Alonti 100 percent catering company is opened by Al Pepi Jr., second generation Alonti leader, which was founded in the catering sector of Alonti. Dallas is home to our first Alonti Catering Kitchen. European sandwiches pressed warm—pressatas—join our menu catering. Our first catering kitchen is opened in Chicago. Lunches in Hot Plate Box Join our menu.

Alonti Menu and Prices:-


assorted fresh bagels assorted muffins danish
Our Famous Italian Wedding $4.50 – $3.50 a hardy blend of chicken, pasta and a touch of cream
Vegetarian Chill $4.50 – $3.50 spicy three bean chill with penne pasta garnished with pesto and parmesan cheese
Tomato Basil $4.50 – $3.50 tomato and basil finished with a touch of cream


assorted fresh bagels assorted muffins danish
Chicken Lime Vinaigrette $6.50 mixed field greens, with shredded cabbage, carrots, thinly sliced roasted chicken and croutons, tossed with lime vinaigrette
Caesar $5.50 – $3.25 romaine lettuce, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, homemade croutons and parmesan cheese
Cobb Salad $6.75 garden greens tossed with chopped egg, bacon, diced tomatoes, avocados and blue cheese, topped with roasted chicken and served with herb vinaigrette
House Salad $5.25 mixed field greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms served with herb vinaigrette
Sesame Pasta $3.95 – $5.95 oriental style salad with ginger, scallions, teriyaki sauce and olive oil


Chicken Tequilla $6.75 a spicy cream sauce with peppers and chicken breast over pasta
Marinara $6.00 homemade zesty tomato sauce
Roasted Chicken $6.75 pasta tossed in pesto and topped with a baked chicken breast
Zucchini Lasagna $5.00 1,000 layers of lasagna noodles with zucchini, cheese and zesty marinara sauce
Pesto $6.50 traditional pesto with basil, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil and pine nuts
Chicago $6.75 chicken breast, roma tomatoes, red onions and our special marinara sauce
Cheese Ravioli $6.50 ricotta cheese filled ravioli served in our marinara sauce
Bolognase $6.75 Italian sausage, ground beef seasoned to perfection with tomato sauce and a touch of cream
Lasagna $6.75 our special blend of Italian sausage and ground beef layered with herbed ricotta cheese and lasagna noodles


Roast Chicken Breast $5.75 chicken breast, fresh basil mayonnaise, roma tomatoes and leaf lettuce sarved on tocaccia bread
Ham and Brie $6.75 baked ham, brie, Dijon mustard, roma tomatoes and leaf lettuce on Italian bread
Roasted Vegetable $5.75 eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, provolone cheese and pesto spread on Italian bread
Roast Beef $6.25 sliced roast beef with horseradish sauce, carmelized onions, herb roasted tomatoes and leaf lettuce on Italian bread
Traditional Eggplant $5.75 lightly breaded and baked with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red pepper sauce, roma tomatoes and leaf lettuce served on fococcia bread
Roast Chicken Club $6.25 chicken breast, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, roma tomatoes and leaf lettuce served on fococcia bread
Italian $6.25 genoa salami mortadella, capicala, provolone, bell peppers, ad onions, black olives, roma tomatoes and lettuce topped with Caesar dressing and served on Italian bread
Traditional Club $6.25 smoked turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise on roasted multi-grain bread
Tuna Salad $5.75 albacore tuna with tomatoes and lettuce on toasted whole wheat bread
Smoked Turkey $5.75 mesquite smoked turkey, herbed cheese spread, roma tomatoes and leaf lettuce served on fococcia bread
Vegetarian $5.75 fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, sprouts, a splash of balsamic vinegar, roma tomatoes and leaf lettuce served on fococcia bread

Add On

to any regular priced entree
Small Pasta Salad $2.25
Small House Salad $2.25


Espresso $1.40 – $1.95
American Roast Coffee $0.85 – $1.10
Italian Roast Coffee $0.85 – $1.10
Decaf Coffee $0.85 – $1.10
Hazelnut $0.85 – $1.10
Latte $1.95 – $2.50 espresso and steamed milk
Turtle Latte $2.25 – $2.95 espresso, chocolate, caramel and steamed milk topped with whipped cream
Cafe Mocha $2.25 – $2.75 espresso, chocolate and steamed milk
Hot Chocolate $1.95 – $2.25 chocolate and steamed milk
The Republic Tea $1.25 earl grey, British breakfast, ginger peach, cinnamon plum, cardamon cinnamon, ginseng peppermint, available in decaf, chamomile lemon, blackberry sage, vanilla almond, green tea, mango ceylon, quince

Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee $1.35
Iced Tea $1.35
Iced Ginger Peach Tea $1.95
Iced Latte $2.50
Iced Turtle Latte $2.95
Iced Cafe Mocha $2.50
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $2.50
Apple Juice $2.50
Cranberry Juice $2.50
Homemade Lemonade $2.50
Soda $1.25
Bottled Water $1.25
Milk $1.00

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High-protein, low-carb Powerbowls join our catering menu. We at Alonti take pride in delicious meals and reliable service. Our goal is to offer our customers every day the greatest possible service, value and quality. More Menus are available on our website,which you are welcome to share with your friends.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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