All Asia Menu and Prices updated 2021


All Asia Menu and Prices

There are numerous important regional cuisines in Asian cuisine: Central Asian, East Asian, North Asian, South Asian, South Asian, and West Asian. The typical type of culinary techniques and traditions  is food that is generally linked to a particular culture. Asia, the largest and most populous continent, has various civilizations and many of them have a unique cuisine. Rice, ginger, garlic, sesame, chiles, dried onions, soy and tofu are popular ingredients in various cultures in the eastern and southeastern parts of the continent. Brushed, steamed and deep fried are popular techniques of cooking. Although rice is popular in most Asian foods, many varieties. While most Asian recipes include rice, in the different areas several kinds are popular.

The culture, religious tradition and national identity of Laos are rooted on glutenous rice. In the Indian sub-continent, basmati rice is popular; in South-East Asia, jasmine is frequently found; and in China, longgrained rice and shorter grain in Japan and Korea. In South Asia, South-East Asia and eastern Asia, curry is a frequent cuisine. Curry foods originate in the Indian sub-continent with Northern India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, using a yoghurt base, whereas coconut milk is common in todays South India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. CENTRAL ASIA CUISINE The variety of cuisines in adjacent West and East Asian cuisines, especially in Mongolia, are comparable to one another in most Central Asian states and to their neighbours.

horse meat and mutton. This is due to the cuisine of Mongolia. The cuisine has developed to satisfy the demands of a nomadic lifestyle in Kazakhstan. Kumis, especially in Central Asia, is a common beverage among the Turkish people.Central Asia is also known as the home of yoghurt. It's common among Turks, like kumis. Although rice is popular in most Asian foods, many


All Asia Menu and Prices:-

Bar Menu

Spicy Fries $3.50
Beer Battered Onion Rings $4.25
Spring Rolls $3.50 Thin skinned rice paper filled with veggies.
Egg Rolls $4.50 Thick skinned, filled with shredded pork and cabbage. Served with duck sauce.
Peking Raviolis $6.75 Pork and vegetable filled dumplings.
Crab Rangoon $6.75 Cream cheese, crabmeat, and mixed veggies fried in a crispy Wonton skin.
Chicken Fingers $6.75 Nicely battered chinese-style, served with duck Sauce
Scallion Pancakes $4.25
Stadium Style Soft Pretzel $3.50
Beef, Chicken or Tofu Teryake $6.75
Buffalo Chicken Tenders $7.50 Served with blue cheese and red bell pepper slices
Caesar Salad $6.25 With tomato, onion, shredded parmesan cheese
Tomato Mozzarella Salad $7.50 With balsamic vinagraitte
Turkey Burger Basket $8.25 Cooked medium well, served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, honey mustard dressing, with a side of house fries,
Veggie Burger Basket $8.25 Cooked well, served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, honey mustard dressing, with a side of house fries
House Special Chicken Wings $8.25 Kung pao style, dry rub yellow curry or teryake glaze

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