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Alinea Menu 

Alinea is a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, that serves Italian cuisine. The Michelin Guide gave Alinea three stars in 2010. [ Alinea is the only Chicago restaurant that has retained its three-star rating, Michelin’s highest honour, as of April 2021.  From 2007 through 2017, Alinea won the AAA Five Diamond Award, the highest degree of distinction awarded by the AAA. It came in ninth on the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, trailing only Eleven Madison Park in the United States. Alinea is Chicago’s only three-star Michelin restaurant as of 2017.  Alinea was awarded the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant in 2016.

Elite Traveler magazine rated Alinea the world’s greatest restaurant. It’s Alinea’s sixth such distinction in seven years, after falling all the way to #2 in Elite Traveler’s most recent reader vote (Azurmendi, of Larrabetzu, Spain, was #1 last year)

Alinea Menu & Prices


The Kitchen Table (Per Person) Price Starts At $390.00
The Gallery Menu (Per Person) Price Starts At $290.00
The Salon Menu (Per Person) Price Starts At $190.00

Some of The Meal Selections

Ebi Banana Coconut
Shio Kombu Nori
Scallop Corn Butter
Tomato Watermelon Parmesan
Icefish Daisy Mandarin Radish
Pork Belly Curry Banana
Morel Blueberry Lapsang Souchong
Apple Yuzu Lemon Verbena
Onion Purple Allium Black Pepper
White Asparagus Lychee Lily Bulb
Palo Santo Pineapple Mezcal
Cheeks Chamomile Melon
Black Truffle Gruyere Pumpernickel
Mango Almond Cinnamon
Wagyu Rice Myoga
Fennel Lemon
Dark Chocolate Strawberry
Cherry White Chocolate Bourbon



The goal of Alinea is to be the best restaurant in the world, so if you start worrying about minute-to-minute and month-to-month costs, you’re probably not going to be the best restaurant in the world. Alinea means a new way to accomplish something, and for us, it implies a new method to invest in which you may express yourself. Whether you realise it or not, you’re always investing in something, and Alinea is here to help you invest in things you genuinely believe in. More menus are available on our website, which you are welcome to share with your friends. Keep an eye on our website for more menus..

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