Alan Wong’s Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Alan Wong’s Restaurant Menu:

The chef has owned many restaurants in the city of Oahu, Hawaii, and a third in Shanghai, China, including Alan Wong’s King Street and Pineaple Room. Alan Wong was a founder of the Island Fusion Kitchen, a movement that stormed the food and wines industries and made him over a billion dollars.
The King Street Restaurant of Chef Alan Wong has become a permanent victim of the epidemic. Wong stated in August that the activities at the 25-year old restaurant will be “temporarily suspended,” with the hope of reopening in a few months’ time. He decided to “retire” the eatery by Monday though.Wong founded the Canoe House in the late 1980’s and built his eponymous restaurant in Honolulu six years later, in 1996, one year after the opening, with the prize of James Beard for “Best Chef: Pacific.”
Alan Wong was a founder of the Island Fusion Kitchen, a movement that stormed the food and wines industries and made him over a billion dollars.

Alan Wong’s Restaurant Menu and Prices:


Local Butter Tasting
Naked cow dairy butter – waianae, o’ahu. hula cow, lalamilo farms, salted and unsalted butter – waimea, big island
Yesterday’s Idea For A Taco
Opihi Shooter
Local limpet in spicy tomato water, fennel basil ume shiso essences
Da Bag
Steamed clams with kalua pig, shiitake mushrooms in a foil bag
Pork and Shrimp Hash Dumplings
Soy mustard, szechuan chili sauce, parmesan cheese
Crispy won ton wrapped ahi poke balls, avocado, wasabi sauce
Lobster Tofu Agedashi
Tofu-like lobster mousse, kona lobster medallions and crab meat, kudzu dashi
Hawai’i Island Goat Dairy & Naked Cow Dairy Cheese Platter
Guava wood smoked goat cheese, feta, fromage blanc, pika moon, morbier
Seafood Cakes
Lobster, shrimp and crab cakes, caper mayonnaise, tsukemono relish
Chopped Ahi Sashimi and Avocado Salsa Stack
Stacked on crispy won ton, spicy aioli and wasabi soy
Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Li hing mui chutney
Keahole Lobster Escargot Style
Red onion butter, parmesan cheese


Kualoa Farms Mix Greens Salad
Ho farms tsukemono cucumber, tomato, AW house dressing
Wow Farms Whole Tomato Salad
Li hing mui ume vinaigrette
H.R.Caesar Salad
Maui kula country farms baby romaine, kalua pig, parmesan cheese shell, lomi tomato, creamy anchovy dressing
Hawai’i Island Dairy Fried Goat Cheese Tomato Salad
Lilikoi mustard vinaigrette, spicy seeds and nuts
Roasted Ma’o Farms Beet, Ho Farms Tomato, Avocado Salad
Heart of palm, ho farm cucumber, li hing mui ume vinaigrette


Pan Seared Salmon Ochazuke
Grilled musubi, kahuku sea asparagus kombucha, ikura tsukemono
Ginger Crusted Onaga, Long Tail Red Snapper
Miso sesame vinaigrette, hamakua mushrooms and corn
Pan Steamed Opakapaka, Short Tail Pink Snapper
Shrimp pork hash, truffle nage, gingered vegetables, tapioca pearls
Shrimp and Clams Linguine
Chili coconut lemongrass basil sauce
Keahole Lobster Lasagna
Crab cioppino sauce, saffron braised vegetables
Surf and Turf
Misoyaki farm raised tilapia, seared hudson valley foie gras, unagi short rib roulade
Twice Cooked Short Rib, Soy Braised and Grilled Kalbi Style
Gingered shrimp, kochu jang sauce
Kauai Makaweli Ranch Rib Steak
Its own bone marrow croquette, roasted mushrooms, bernaise
Macadamia Nut-Coconut Crusted Lamb Chops
Asian ratatouille, taro gratin, red wine lamb jus

Chef’s Tasting Menu – Amuse Bouche

Hawaii Island Goat Dairy Panna Cotta
Ma’o farms beet puree, roasted beets
Poached Kualoa Shrimp and Somen Noodles
Kochu jang asian pear, wasabi sour cream
Ahi Tartare, Opihi
Kahuku sea asparagus, ginger soy
Hudson Valley Foie Gras and Black Bean Clams
Port wine lup cheong, smoked sausage
Keahole Seared Abalone In Its Own Sauce
Keahole Lobster with Ham Savoy Cabbage Broth
Kualoa farms daikon, carrot sambal emulsion
Maui Cattle Company Tenderloin
Kahuku sea asparagus sesame chimichurri
Dessert Duo
Makaha mango and mini coconut


The Coconut
Haupia sorbet in a chocolate shell, tropical fruits and lilikoi sauce
Hawai’i Island Goat Dairy & Naked Cow Dairy Cheese Platter
Guava wood smoked goat cheese, feta, fromage blanc, pika moon, morbier
Lilikoi Semifreddo
Irigenmai sorbet, matcha chiffon, arare crisp
Kualoa Farms Banana Cream Pie
Hanaoka farm lime whip, vanilla ice cream, brown sugar crisp
Hawaiian Crown Sweet Gold Pineapple Shave Ice
Vanilla panna cotta, coconut tapioca, haupia sorbet, pineapple salad, “shaved” pineapple
Waialua Chocolate Crunch Bars
Layers of milk chocolate macadamia nut crunch and bittersweet chocolate mousse
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry sorbet, sable breton, basil meringue


Lychee Tea
Lychee flavors this delicious black tea blend
Sen Cha Tea
Green tea grown in the shadow of Mt. Fuji
Ceylon Silver Tips
Rich, full-bodied black tea from Sri Lanka
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls
Fragrant pikake flavors this delicate green tea
Olakai Hawaii Tea
Kahuku, O‘ahu. Marine agrifuture’s dried sea asparagus shoot tips

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The aim is to have his visitors “Taste Hawaiian” to create creative meals with a contemporary touch. His restaurants reflect a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere and welcome customers to the ‘Aloha Spirit’ and the Hawaiian hospitality style.Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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