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Al Dente Menu

Al Dente symbolise the narrowness of bite.The etymology is "to the teeth" of Italy. In cookery, the pasta or rice is used for firming bite. The word "molto al dente" is used to describe the optimal consistency of pastas in current Italian cuisine, and includes a short period of cooking. Molto al dente is the cooking term for slightly undercooked pasta.  Al dente symbolises the cooking process through which pasta or rice is prepared to be firm to the biting . Italian 'to the tooth' is etimology. The phrase describes the perfect consistency for pasta in contemporary Italian cookery and includes a short cooking time. We hear a lot of the word "al dente," but what does it mean? Direct Italian translation signifies &quot to the tooth, & quot  meaning pasta, or rice cooked to be bite-firm. Now its a lot different to make fresh pasta. It takes a few minutes for a full cooking of fresh pasta—2-3 minutes to attain the dente.


Al Dente Menu and Prices:-


Bruschetta Pomodoro E Basilico $8.00 fresh tomato, garlic and basil over toasted bruschetta.
Prosciutto E Mozzarella $14.00 imported parma prosciutto with fresh homemade mozzarella.
Portobello Alla Griglia $11.00 grilled portobello mushroom served over a bed of arugula and balsamic vinegar.
Pepe Rosso E Mozzarella $13.00 house-roasted red pepper and homemade mozzarella.
Grilled Fresh Calamari $13.00 calamari marinated then grilled, sprinkled with fresh italian herbs and drizzled with a balsamic reduction, served with field greens.
Caprese Di Mozzarella $12.00 homemade mozzarella with fresh vine-ripened tomato, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.
Oven-Roasted Beets $12.00 with goat cheese and pistachios in a sherry vinaigrette.
Cozze $12.00 mussels sauteed with fresh tomato, garlic and white wine.
Seared Salmone $13.00 fresh scottish salmon, pan-seared, served with a white bean salad, fresh vine-ripened tomato, arugula, extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.
Grilled Asparagus $11.00 marinated grilled asparagus topped with imported italian fontina cheese.
Grilled Polenta With Wild Mixed Mushrooms $12.00 extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of garlic.


Insalata Al Dente $12.00 arugula, hearts of palm, avocado and shaved parmigano cheese with lemon herb dressing.
Insalata Frisee $13.00 fresh apple, frisee, hazelnuts with extra virgin olive oil and a dried cherry apple cider vinaigrette dressing.
Insalata Mista $8.00 baby greens mixed with vine-ripened tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Classica Caesar $10.00 romaine lettuce, with caesar dressing, homemade croutons and parmigiano cheese.
Crostini Di Capra $12.00 goat cheese crouton over market-fresh mixed greens with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing.
Insalata Pollo Terra $19.00 field greens with grilled chicken breast, cucumbers, walnuts and fresh tarragon pesto.


Spaghetti Limone $15.00 lemon, parmigiano, butter and a touch of cream.
Gnudi $19.00 gnocchi pasta dumplings made with fresh ricotta topped with wild mushrooms and truffle sauce.
Linguine Nere $20.00 fresh homemade black linguine with shrimp in a mildly-spicy pomodoro sauce.
Spaghetti Al Dente $16.00 spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil and parmigiano cheese.
Rigatoni Alla Salssica $17.00 rigatoni with italian sausage, grilled portobello mushroom, parmigiano reggiano and pomodoro sauce.
Penne Alla Bisanzio $15.00 pasta with pomodoro sauce, fresh homemade mozzarella and basil.
Rigatoni Alle Melanzane $15.00 rigatoni pasta with eggplant, fresh oregano, pomodoro sauce, basil and ricotta salata cheese.
Fettuccine Porcini Trifolati $18.00 homemade fettuccine with fresh porcini, cremini, and shitake mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and parsley.
Linguine Alle Vongole Veraci $20.00 linguine with baby clams in a red or white spicy sauce.
Pesto E Tagliatelli $17.00 fresh homemade fettuccine with a basil pesto sauce.
Fettucine Allo Zafferano E Gamberi $20.00 homemade saffron fettuccine with shrimp, asparagus, basil and fresh tomato.
Homemade Lasagna Bolognese $18.00 meat sauce, fresh ricotta cheese, topped with parmigiano reggiano cheese.
Tagliolini Alla Nostra Maniera $21.00 fresh thin homemade pasta with shrimp, calamari, clams, fresh chopped vine-ripened tomatoes, scallions, red pepper, white wine, italian parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.
Penne Norcina $16.00 pasta with italian sausage, touch of cream and aged parmigiano cheese.
Penne Alla Vodka $16.00 penne with smoked bacon, vodka in a pomodoro sauce and a touch of cream.
Spaghettini Della Nonna $16.00 spaghetti with homemade meatballs, pomodoro sauce and extra virgin olive oil.


Rugola E Parmigano $12.00 carpaccio topped with arugula and parmigiano cheese.
Palmito E Avocado $13.00 carpaccio topped with hearts of palm and avocado.


Riso Al Carciofi $19.00 risotto with baby artichokes and parmigano cheese.
Riso Verde $18.00 risotto blended with spinach and parmigiano cheese.
Riso Al Funghi Porcini Freschi $21.00 risotto with fresh cremini, shitake and porcini mushrooms.
Riso Frutti De Mari $22.00 risotto with shrimp, calamari, clams and zafferrano.

Side Dishes $7

Mashed Potatoes
Brussel Sprouts


Roasted Duckling $24.00 free-range half duck served with a rasperry marsala sauce, farro and kale.
Mediterranean Branzini $25.00 filet sautéed with white wine, capers and lemon, served with grilled zucchini.
Entrecott Al Porcini $27.00 grilled aged new york strip steak, topped with a porcini mushroom sauce, touch of light cream, served with sautéed spinach.
Petto Di Pollo Al Vino Bianco $21.00 organic chicken breast sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and white wine sauce, served with haricot verts.
Veal Milanese $26.00 thinly pounded breaded veal, served with vine-ripened chopped tomatoes and arugula.


Verdure Alla Griglia $13.00 assorted grilled vegetables: eggplant, zucchini, radicchio, red pepper, endive and portobello.
Petto Di Pollo Alla Griglia $19.00 grilled organic boneless chicken breast, thinly pounded with italian herbs, served with sautéed spinach.
Tagliata Toscana $26.00 grilled sliced aged new york strip steak, arugula, rosemary, grilled tomatoes, served with sautéed spinach.
Salmone Grigliate $21.00 grilled filet of scottish salmon, sprinkled with fresh italian herbs and fresh lemon, served with spinach sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic.
Galletto Alla Griglia $21.00 grilled cornish hen with lemon, garlic and rosemary served with polenta and sauteed kale.

Weekly Specials

Pasta Special: Linguine With Italian Pancetta $18.00 pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and pinch of freshly crush pepper.


Soda $2.50 coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale.
Pellegrino Water $8.00

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