Aashirwad Indian Cusine Menu and Prices updated 2021


Aashirwad Indian Cusine Menu:

In ancient Indian scripture, food – Indian recipes are lost in history, … what was eaten in antique, pre-historic India. Aashirvaad is an ITC Ltd-owned brand of essential food and cooking supplies. There was a mistake. With its start in July 2007, the firm entered the retail of organic foods.. Indian food stretches back more than five thousand years. In particular, Indian cuisine was inspired by Mongolian, Persian and Chinese cuisine. A unique mixture of Spices, which always gives Indian cooking its taste and perfume, maintains the constant thread over the years.

Aashirwad Indian Cusine Menu and Prices:


Vegetable Samosa $3.99
pastry stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas, (2pc).
Haryali Tikki $4.49
cutlet made of potato, mint, cilantro, green peas.
Chaat $4.99
choice of samosa or tikki with garbanzo, onion, tomato and chutney.
Onion Bhajji $5.99
seasoned onion dipped in chickpeas batter and fried.
Paneer Tikka $11.95
cubes of paneer marinated and serve with onion and pepper.
Gobi Manchurian (Dry) $10.95
cauliflower florets cooked with soy sauce, ginger and garlic.
Chili Paneer / Paneer 65 $11.95
paneer cooked with soy, ginger, garlic / sour and spicy sauce.
Kabab Roll $9.95
minced spicy lamb skewered in tandoor and wrapped in naan.
Chicken Lollopop $9.95
lollopop shaped chicken wings served with a chili sauce.
Chicken 65 / Chilli Chicken $11.95
strips of chicken cooked in a spicy sauce with onions and bell peppers/chicken cooked with soy, ginger, garlic and scallions.
Colombi Shrimp $10.95
marinated shrimp saute in spicy sauce with onion, pepper.
Aashirwad Vege Platter $13.95
assortment of samosa, onion bhaji, paneer tikka, haryali tikki.
Aashirwad Kawab Platter $12.95
saute chicken tikka, seekh kewab, haryali tikka with onion, pepper.
Soup Of The Day $3.45
freshly prepared spiced and flavored indian soup.


Tadka Dal $10.95
yellow lentils cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices.
Dal Makhani $11.95
black lentils cooked in rich ginger flavored sauce.
Bhindi Masala $11.95
okra cooked with onion, pepper and sauce.
Vegetable Kadhai $11.95
mixed vegetables cooked in a thick sauce.
Bagara Bahar $11.95
vegetables cooked in hyderabadi fierey sauce.
Palak Paneer $12.95
indian cottage cheese cooked in a spinach based gravy.
Aloo Pudina $10.95
potatoes cooked with cumin, mint, onion, tomato.
Malai Kofta $12.95
mixed vegetable balls cooked in a rich and creamy sauce.
Paneer Makhani / Paneer Tikka Masala $12.95
homemade cheese cooked in a tomato based masala.
Nargisi Aloo $11.95
potato stuffed with paneer and other vegetables in a curry sauce.
Cauliflower Manchurian Gravy $11.45
florets cooked in a ginger-garlic say based sauce.
Vegetable Hakha Noodles $9.95
pan-fried noodles cooked with vegetables and soy sauce.
Paneer Lababdar $13.95
cheese in a tomato, onion sauce flavored with fenygreek.


Add $2.99 for curry sauce.
Tandoori Chicken $13.95
spring chicken marinated in yogurt, spices and roasted in the clay oven.
Chicken Tikka $14.95
boneless succulent chicken pieces marinated in yogurt, mild spices, and cooked in the tandoor.
Chicken Haryali Tikka $14.95
chicke pieces marinated in yogurt, mint, cilantro and chili.
Seekh Kabab $16.95
grilled and skewered spicy minced lamb with aromatic herbs.
Tandoori Salmon $16.95
atlantic salmon marinated in spices and grilled in the clay oven.
Tandoori Shrimp $17.95
grilled shrimps marinated in yogurt and spices.
Tandoori Mixed Grill $18.95
assortment of grilled chicken, shrimps, kababs and indian cottage cheese.
Lamb Chop $16.95
australian lamb cooked in clay oven.


Chicken Curry $11.95
boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked with onion, ginger, tomatoes and spices.
Chicken Madras $12.95
chicken breast cooked in a flavorful, spicy sauce with gingers and tomatoes.
Chicken Vindaloo $12.95
pieces of chicken cooked in a pungent gravy with vinegar and potatoes.
Chicken Chettinad $12.95
chicken pieces cooked in a masala sauce flavored with fennel.
Kadhai Chicken $12.95
flavorful chicken cooked in a spiced tomato based gravy with onions and bell peppers.
Chicken Pudina $12.95
chicken cooked in a curry sauce flavored with mint.
Chicken Xacuti $12.95
anise flavored chicken cooked in a coconut based masala gravy.
Chicken Saagwala $12.95
chicken pieces cooked in a creamed spinach curry.
Chicken Shahi Korma $13.95
boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in a mild sauce.
Chicken Tikka Masala $13.95
grilled chicken pieces in a rich flavorful tomato based curry.
Butter Chicken $13.95
shredded tandoori chicken cooked in a butter based tomato gravy.
Chicken Manchurian $12.95
chicken cooked in soy sauce and with spring onions and garlic.


Palak Ghosh $14.95
boneless chunks of lamb cooked in a spinach gravy.
Lamb Vindaloo $14.95
lamb pieces cooked in a spicy sauce with vinegar and potatoes.
Lamb Madras $14.95
lamb cooked in a flavorful sauce with ginger and tomatoes.
Lamb Xacuti $14.95
lamb cooked in an anise flavored coconut based masala sauce.
Lamb Korma $14.95
lamb cubes cooked in a creamy rich curry with raisins and nuts.
Bhunna Korma $14.95
lamb pieces cooked in a thick spiced masala gravy.
Roganjosh $14.95
lamb cooked in a spicy red curry flavored with saffron.

Rice Specialties

Vegetable Biryani $10.95
variety of vegetables cooked with basmati rice and spices.
Chicken Biryani $13.95
boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked with basmati rice and spices.
Lamb Biryani $14.95
boneless pieces of lamb breast cooked with basmati rice and spices.
Shrimp Biryani $15.95
succulent tiger shrimps cooked with basmati rice and favored with spices.
Vegetable Fried Rice $5.95
basmati rice cooked with garlic, ginger and onion.


Goan Shrimp Curry $16.95
shrimp cooked in a coconut based curry.
Shrimp Chettinad $16.95
shrimp cooked in a spicy gravy with onions and tomatoes.
Shrimp Vindaloo $16.95
shrimp cooked in a pungent gravy with vinegar and potatoes.
Kerela Fish Curry $15.95
fish cooked in a pungent kerala-style curry flavored with tamarind.
Goan Fish Curry $15.95
fish cooked in a hearty gravy with ginger and tomatoes.
Tava Machi $17.95
pan-fried catch of the day fillet marinated in assorted herbs.


Naan $1.75
leavened indian bread of white flour baked in the tandoor.
Butter Naan $1.95
naan brushed with butter.
Garlic Naan $2.95
soft white flour bread topped with fresh minced garlic.
Onion Naan / Bullet Naan $2.95
choice of white flour bread topped with onions or chilies.
Cheese Naan $3.25
soft bread stuffed with cheese.
Kheema Naan $3.25
naan stuffed with spiced minced lamb.
Kashmiri Naan $3.45
soft bread stuffed with cashews, raisins and coconut.
Tandoori Roti $2.25
thin whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.
Paratha $2.95
thick layered whole wheat bread brushed with butter.
Aloo Paratha $3.25
whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.


Mango Ice cream $2.95
freshly churned homemade mango ice cream.
Pistachio Kulfi $4.25
indian ice cream garnished and flavored with pistachio nuts.
Kheer $2.95
indian rice pudding made from milk, raisins and nuts flavored with cardomom.
Gulab Jamun $3.95
fried cheese balls in rose flavored syrup.
Ras Malai $3.95
cheese balls in a thick rich creamy sauce.


Soda $1.75
(pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, lemonade, dr. pepper, ice tea).
Fruit Punch $1.95
Falooda $3.75
sundae made with ice cream, rose syrup and milk.
Lassi $3.25
(sweet, masala, or mango), flavored yogurt drink.
Juice $2.25
(orange / mango).
Lime Soda $1.95
indian style soda with fresh lemon juice.
Tea / Coffee $1.95
Bottled Water $1.45
Perrier Water $2.95

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The Aashirwad Indian cuisine has a varied blend of tastes and flavours, reflecting a diversity of civilizations, racial structures, geography and climate.More menus are available on our website, which you are welcome to share with your friends. Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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