A Spice Route (aka Tandoor Palace) Menu and Prices updated 2021


A Spice Route (aka Tandoor Palace) Menu:

The Spice Routes is a name given to the network of maritime routes connecting East and West, often known under the name Maritime Silk Roads. They extend to the territories of the Middle East – and from there over the Mediterraneans to Europe – across the west coast of Japan, the Islands of Indonesia, India. After Islam, the Arab traders set out for the marine routes around the middle of the 7th century AD, and controlled the west Indian Ocean.The spice business was the greatest enterprise in the world at its time: it set up and destroyed empires, discovered new continents, and laid the foundations for the modern world in many different ways. Healthy spicy meals. Spicy nutrients do not induce ulcers. However, be careful if you have bowel syndrome, dyspepsia, or bowel illness (IBD). In essence, ponder before eating if you offer spicy foods you stomach ache. Spicy meals don’t cause bleeding, but if you have anal fissure, you may feel the burning.

A Spice Route (aka Tandoor Palace) Menu and Prices:


1. Vegetable Pakora $5.00
mixed vegetable fritters
2. Vegetable Samosa $5.00
cumin flavored potatoes & peas filled in a flaky pastry, served hot & fresh
3. Samosa Chat $7.00
samosa topped with channe, onions, tomatoes & chutney
4. Papri Chat $7.00
4 A. Paneer Tikka $10.00
5. Chicken Tikka $10.00
boneless chicken marinated in yogurt & freshly ground spices broiled in tandoor
6. Chicken Malai Tikka $10.00
boneless chicken pcs, marinated in creamy yogurt roasted in clay oven
7. Seekh Kabab $10.00
ground meat seasoned with mint & herbs rolled on a skewer & roasted in tandoor
8. Tandoori Chicken $10.00
chicken marinated in yogurt & spice broiled in tandoor
8 A. Assorted Hors D’Oeuvres $13.00
veggie pakoras, samosa, chicken tikka, seekh kabab & chicken malai kabab
8 B. Tandoori Shrimp $15.00
jumbo shrimp marinated in exotic spices & cooked to perfection in tandoor

Daily Specials

S1. Channa Bhatura $10.00
S2. Chole Poori $10.00
S2A. Paneer Tikka Roll $9.00
S3. Chicken Tikka Roll $9.00
boneless chicken pieces with tomatoes & lettuce rolled in a tandoori naan
S4. Seekh Kabab Roll $9.00
seekh kabab roll with tomatoes & lettuce rolled in a tandoori naan

Fresh From The Garden

All Curries Served With Rice Or Naan.
9. Malai Kofta $10.00
fresh mixed vegetables croquettes, simmered in creamy sauce
10. Navratan Korma $10.00
mixed vegetables cooked in delicate spices, tomatoes & onions
11. Matar Paneer $10.00
homemade cheese cubes with peas cooked in mildly spiced sauce
12. Saag Paneer $10.00
cubes of homemade cheese smothered in fresh by ground spinach
13. Saag Alu $10.00
potatoes smothered in freshly ground spinach
14. Alu Matar $10.00
potatoes & peas in mild special sauce
15. Aloo Gobi $11.00
potatoes & cauliflower in a blend of onion, ginger & spices
16. Baingan Bhartha $11.00
eggplant & tomatoes cooked in herb & spices
17. Daal Makhni $9.00
creamed lentils with onion & tomatoes
17A. Paneer Kadai $12.00
cubes of homemade cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes & green pepper
17B. Paneer Bhurjee $12.00
18. Paneer Pasanda $11.00
homemade cheese cooked in creamy tomatoes sauce
18A. Channa Masala $9.00
chickpeas cooked with traditional homemade spices
18B. Bhindi-Do-Piaza $11.00
okra & onions with a blend of spices

Meat Delights

All Curries Served With Rice Or Naan
19. Chicken Curry $11.00
20. Chicken Saag $12.00
boneless chicken cooked in creamed spinach & spices
20A. Chicken Bhuna $12.00
21. Chicken Makhni $11.00
boneless white meat cooked in creamy tomato sauce
22. Chicken Tikka Masala $11.00
boneless white meat cooked & green pepper & fresh tomato sauce
23. Chicken Shahi Korma $12.00
pieces of chicken cooked in a mild creamy sauce
24. Chicken Vindaloo $12.00
25. Keema Peas $11.00
ground meat cooked with peas
26. Lamb Curry $11.00
lamb cakes cooked in onions gravy sauce
27. Lamb Bhuna $12.00
chunks of lamb cooked in tomatoes, onion & green pepper
28. Lamb Saag $12.00
chunks of lamb simmered in creamed spinach
29. Lamb Vindaloo $12.00
lamb cooked in spicy, sharp & pungent curry
29A. Lamb Tikka Masala $12.00
chunks of lamb cooked with green pepper in tomato sauce
29B. Lamb Shahi Korma $12.00
pieces of lamb cooked in a mild creamy sauce
30. Goat Masala $12.00
fresh body goat cooked in traditional curry
30A. Shrimp Masala $13.00
shrimp cooked in chef’s special sauce
30B. Shrimp Vindaloo $13.00
shrimp cooked in spicy, sharp & pungent curry
30C. Shrimp Saag $13.00
shrimp cooked in creamed spinach & spices
30D. Fish Malabar $12.00
fish filet in special curry sauce.


Basmati Rice Special
31. Rice Pullao $5.00
basmati rice & green peas
32. Vegetable Biryani $12.00
spiced mixed vegetables cooked in basmati rice
33. Chicken Biryani $12.00
spiced chicken cooked in basmati rice
34. Lamb Biryani $13.00
selected royal portions of lamb cooked in herbs & spices with fragrant basmati rice
35. Goat Biryani $13.00
selected royal portions of goat cooked in herb & spices in fragrant basmati rice
36. Keema Biryani $12.00
ground meat cooked in herbs & spices with fragrant basmati rice
36A. Shrimp Biryani $15.00
shrimp cooked in herbs & spices with fragrant basmati rice

Tandoori Breads

37. Roti $3.00
whole wheat bread
38. Naan $3.00
unleavened flour bread
39. Paratha $4.00
whole wheat multi later flat bread
40. Aloo Paratha $5.00
whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes
41. Onions Kulcha $5.00
unleavened flour bread stuffed with chopped
42. Keema Naan $5.00
leavened flour bread stuffed with minced meat
43. Chicken Naan $5.00
tandoor special naan stuffed with shredded chicken
44. Garlic Naan $5.00
leavened flour bread topped with fresh garlic
45. Poori $5.00
fried fluffy whole wheat bread

Desserts $5

46. Rasmalai
cakes of cream cheese in a creamy sauce
46A. Kheer
rice pudding
47. Gulab Jamun
deep fried evaporated milk balls, served in natural honey syrup
48. Mango Ice Cream
49. Kulfi
50. Gajjar Halwa


51. Indian Tea $2.00
52. Lassi $5.00
sweet or salted fresh yogurt drink
53. Mango Lassi $5.00
churned mango pulp drink with milk
54. Soda $2.00
coke, pepsi, sprite, diet sierra mist, diet orange, diet coke, diet pepsi, sierra mist, orange club soda
55. Water $2.00
56. Mazza $3.00
mango, guava, lychee
57. Snapple $3.00


59. Garden Salad $6.00
60. Chutney $3.00
mango, mint, tamarind
61. Papadam $2.00
62. Raita $3.00
63. Pickle $2.00

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Spice Route India’s Vision & Mission. The Indian Movement on the Spice Route. The Spice Routes, also known as the Maritime Silk Roads, is the term given to the maritime network by the fresh minds of the young family doctors in the nation. You probably only think of them as culinary flavours.More menus are available on our website, which you are welcome to share with your friends. Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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